Sunday, September 4, 2011

September ? Where has the summer gone

Yes September already.

Seems like summer had just started, and poof we are done
Kids go back to school, life starts to change as we get ready for fall.

Oh so whats been the fun.

Joined up to Model Mayhem , its a website for the model, photographer, makeup artist etc crew.
Found Katie and Eden up there and added them as friends and now have connected with a few other aspiring models.
Figured if I put myself out there I can continue to hone my skills and meet some people, including other photographers (learn something from them)  and some agencies. all great part time fun.

For picture fun in the past few weeks, hit up the Iron Horse Festival in St.Thomas,ON.
Pretty much the same as any other festival you would find in Ontario, same vendors, same displays. IN this case more people as they shut down the main street, had midway and various stages setup.

And what is a festival in rural Ontario without some cars haha !
Big engines, chrome, Sunday drivers as they are called.

Not sure at $1.30/litre if this is even worth starting,  Environmentalists shudder !
Though is nice to see people's hard work restoring or modifying cars, nothing bolt on about creating your own personal statement.
Or taking a classic Buick and making it something special.
And then the few that restore a car to near perfection, down to minor details. Unfortunately there were so many people out that getting full shots of cars was quite the chore.

They don't make hood ornaments like this anymore.

And this Labour Day Weekend, long weekend for Canada and the USA, got invited out for pics from various people.

The lovely Miss Morgan txt me to say her and a friend would be in the Green Space behind the Old School House practicing with Silks hanging from one of the big trees.

Actually Morgan and I have been trying to plan a picture session for some time now, not only to do a portrait session but also for capturing some of the poses using the silks.

Basically one long Silk tied in two sections hanging from a tree, small piece of foam underneath that you hope you hit, if you fall and your in business. 
This is not easy stuff !

And a certain amount of strength with flexibility is required.
Once it got dark I pulled out my one flash and with some help tried to keep them lit up.
This one lit from behind looks great, a little kick of light in front would have done but still happy.

Her friend was able to get into some great poses that only practice and ability to contort your body will get you to.
Cool stuff. And with it being evening, the background can be made black with little effort.

And since we were in Wortley Village, it was short walk to hook up with my other invite.

Hurtin Merv (see my previous posts) and the boys were rockin up the Wortley Roadhouse in Wortley Village. A village located in the middle of London and one of the desirable places to live. a mix of old and new.

My observation of the night was the amount of leopard and tiger prints being worn by the women. Can you say 'Cougar Bar' haha.  For Merv that was great has he had a full dance floor most of the night, which translates to beer sales. Everyone's happy.

Starbuck's shot of the month, well actually August , taken at the farmhouse while the girls prepped for Matt & Lauren's wedding.

Barcelona, Spain is now 15 days away. Few final preps and away we go.

Last Car Free Festival of summer is coming Sept 17th and 18th also with the combination of OH Fest and Doors Open London. More music orientated theme, am expecting big crowds out as University and Colleges  are back in session and the number of students on London has increased.
2 days of pictures before flying out on the 19th.

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