Saturday, September 24, 2011

Reality of here

Been here 5 days now.

One thing is obvious, life can cost you living in this part of the world.
The Euro (last time i checked) was 1.4x that of the Canadian dollar, that means somethiing for 10eu here, would cost you $14ca. Doesnt sound like much till you realize things are expensive here.

The basics are ok and not much different than home, the luxuries will cost you.
People take the bus, drive scooter, motorcycle or bike. The costs of a car and then trying to find a place to park it, will add up in a hurry. Add the price of fuel, insurance etc. Have not seen one car that does not have some kind of damage to it.

But one thing for sure people like to eat out.
The quality of food available in restaurants is amazing, specially the well established places.

Our pick based on the taxi drivers suggestion was The Salamanca Barceloneta located across the street from the beach, it had indoor and outdoor dining. we at outside, place was packed , service was awesome, food was fantastic.

The Waiter recommended a seafood starter plate for us to enjoy while waiting for the main course.
What we found out later was that when it came to seafood , they would actually bring a try with the ingredients out to the table , so you could see that it was fresh etc.

the next table was having various shellfish, fish and lobster.

Throw in a bottle or two of wine no complaints.

Also had time in the last few days as part of our running around the city to visit Sagrada Familia the unfinished church , under construction since 1882 !! YIKES

Big and old and covered in work equipment. Its not until you walk around it and really take a close look that you start to see some of the details being built into this amazing structure.

Look atthe picture above (click it to open larger) and notice the fruit sculpture topping the turrets you see.

Or the intricate carvings found on the colums supporting the roof, each one a different retile on the side I was on.

The plan is to return oi this place at night to catch it when all the lights are on , should be quite spectacular.

Of course no day goes by here with out your head being spun off haha.  Quite obvious that the women of Spain have it turned on all the time !!
I dont think she is a natural blonde, but then what do I know.

Joshua makes another appearance, praising the great god Starbucks.

ok back to the show.

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