Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Getting Connected

Lots to write about.

but lots of time to do it.

For now just a quick update , some pics from the last weekend.

Living in Xiamen, China, southern part of the country , just across the water from Taiwan.
Been here since end of November and getting settled, though easier said than done sometimes.

Did get my first volunteer experience here, got to take photos for the Buddhist Compassion Relief Tzu Chia Foundation.


They were distributing basic personal items (tooth brushes, soap etc) and food (rice, oil, noodles) to the Elderly and disabled living in one apartment complex on Gu Lang Yu, an island off of Xiamen.

The island has no cars or bicycles and one of the top tourist places in China, though there are about 20,000 people living here.

We were only in one place for the day and left after all the residents had come to get the donations.

Good to see people trying to make a difference, in a place that has a tendency to bypass and forget those who are in need or not able to make do for themselves.

This is definitely a place I would like to come and spend a day or more walking around, it does have quite a history. Of course there are enough people walking the streets to attract the camera

And no lack of color in peoples fashion choices