Sunday, September 18, 2011

Interesting !!

Switched to the new Blogspot interface today as I was looking for some way to know how many views I have had of my small piece of the interweb.

Was astonished to find out that aside from friends and family that I would expect read this and those that get email updates,i have views from other countries.  Would like to know what they think of my words and pictures.

Here's an extract from the stats, no China of course since they are unable to view this directly and have to work through a piece of software to bypass Chinese internet security blocking most blogs and most likely running thru a VPN server in some country listed below.

Wonder what a guy in Pakistan or Poland thinks about what I write or see ?

Canada              252

United States      46

India                   26

United Kingdom 10

Germany              9

Switzerland          6

Pakistan                4

United Arab Emirates 3

Malaysia             3

Poland                3

Pretty quiet out at the Festival, just music acts playing, not a lot of people. Took a few pics , enjoyed a coffee and headed out back to The Ranch.  Gotta get organized as we blast off from London towards Toronto and the airport around 9:30am.

Couldn't resist some more shots of bass players, green seems to be the common cool color i have seen, not sure why ??
Fender Precision - squeeky clean new
And an Ibanez metallic green with pearl pick guard and an addition to Girls With Bass hehe
Nice instrument !

Extra bonus Belly Dancer outside the Yoga Studio that opened up on Dundas St earlier this year.

More music shots 

and guitar of the day , a Gibson Les Paul Recording 

Stepped into an Art Gallery downtown - my first time. Art Project was originally a Hotel back in 1876 and was a popular destination amongst travelers for its fine European Restaurant. During its history was also a show store and  Canada's largest independent shoe retailer.

Now it houses art of mixed media types and has artist and photography studios on the upper floors in spaces that would have been hotel rooms at one time. 
There is also a small Black Box theatre located at the back. Black Box is a theatre type where once a theatre company is done showing, any painting can be easily repainted using flat black paint.

A local award winning photographer Rob Nelson has a small studio space for portraits , he is mainly a location photographer. He had some prints hanging in the gallery, spotted this one of the Twin Towers. Sorry its not so clear as glass was reflecting everything in the room. The picture appears as dark and ominous as it looks here.

Ok time to iron, fold and pack up a suitcase or two.  Have to pack business for 8 days plus relax time - makes it hard while trying to keep the weight of the suitcases below 50lbs (22kgs) so I dont end up paying extra cause of Baggage Handler Union rules.

Next stop Pearson International Airport.........

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