Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Back at the Ranch

Well folks would be not telling the truth if I did not admit to having a hard time leaving Shanghai.

The folks in the office were great, lots of good food, a few drinks around the table, lots of experiences.
Some really nice personal moments, some i shared, some i wont share.

The question always while I was there was; 'are you homesick?' , 'you ready to go back home?', and honestly I was ok. If anything at this moment am ready to head back there and spend a few more months.
Felt by the end of July that I was just starting to get comfortable. Was ok with the stares from people when they saw me for the first time, started to recognize the girls working at RT Mart and Starbucks, made a few friends outside of work, was getting comfortable with using the Metro system.

So yes am ready to go back.
Will bring a little more gear with me next time for photo shoots !
And there is still so much of Shanghai yet to be seen.

Would even consider taking vacation time there, or offering to live there for an extended period.

so we are back at The Ranch in London.
We are mapping out travel until end of the year , then 2011 will be here.

So stay tuned, once i have an idea of whats going on , updates will start up again.
So far I see Mexico in the forecast, India and of course ITMA Barcelona , the grand hoopla of textile industry trade shows. Big enough that we have started the planning now.

till the next update