Friday, April 26, 2013

Run down of my weekends !!

Yes I have ben lax at updating this Blog .

new website being built so am keeping posts here to a minimum.

But to help explain the lack of typing , I did a count of groups I have shot in the last few months :

Tortured Saint
Devine Right of Kings
Make Haste To Mutiny
Transcend The Skies
Wind Cries Mary
Between Breathing
Through These Words
Great White Shark
Party Cat
Violent Decline
Geoff Masse Band
Tommy Solo
Dennis Pederson
Sound As People
The Wrecks
Dave's Not Here
Walls of This Chamber
Door to Door Human Gore
Ending Tyranny

And of course the guys that started it all for me : Hurtin Merv

April 11th I took my first "Pro" shots for YES at Massey Hall, Toronto. to be posted once cleared by my editor at

And last night my first local show , with I Mother Earth at the London  Concert Theatre

more updates to come, pics of course and other news.


Monday, April 15, 2013

Ok some updates and still lots to say

Sorry folks I have been a blur of activity lately.

But just to give you some idea of whats kept me from updating.

First up , got connected to Velvet Rope Magazine as a photogrpaher , for London and area. though have access to shows in Toronto also.
Got to shoot my first big show , YES at Massey Hall. Sorry no pics yet until released back to me ( I have ownership)

Then found out about Local Live Entertainment here in London, a great place offering a complete host of services to the music sector. Live rehearsal space, digital recording studio,  Live Streaming to web and everything else that any musician would want. Pics to come. Am now Photographer for them and helping design their future.

And learning about video.

All of this has kept me busy most weekends.
Happy to get to work on Monday so I can rest and relax.

Lots of pics to post , so be patient they are coming