Friday, September 23, 2011

Barcelona !!

Ok so we are in Barcelona, Spain, after flying out of Toronto.

Obiglitory airport seating pic from Pearson, Terminal 1 , gate 181.

Not sure how to describe it in words, wonderful weather, beautiful city and imagine.....beautiful women !!
We arrived on Tuesday Sept 20th, after 8hrs in the plane from Toronto and jumping ahead 6hrs from the time zone change. By the time we arrived at the hotel was around 9am and none of us could sleep so we headed out into the city. Why waste our time in bed when we could be drinking coffee and walking around.

Yes there is Starbucks here, every Metro exit there is one close by - strategic planning at its best.
My fearless leader, Josh in my new series, What Starbucks is Josh at , haha

Headed out into the city, walked countless km's to try and wear ourselves out.
First on the agenda was finding the show venue and getting signed in etc, as it would simplify the first day. Of course we ended up at the wrong location, the business office instead of the actual conference center.
We got out of the taxi to get our first view , which was Pl d'Espania.

Had to take that pic in B/W,  color just wouldnt cut it.
And if you turned around on the street behind you had this view.

More on that one later.

Then we picked a street and headed down , eventually finding a cafe to sit at (Cafe Zurich) watched people, enjoyed the afternoon.

Every corner is somethign new to see, different spaces.
Proof of life pic in some sqaure. One of those great corner buildings, that you see so many of here.

Without knowing it we had actually stumbled into a famoous walking street called La Rambla, one of the places to visit when in Barcelona, lots of shops, small hotels, displays, street vendors etc.

Word to the wise in Barcelona, watch your bags at all times, dont walk around with your bag hanging from your back and not paying attention. This is the capital for pick pockets. I know some of you out there have experienced this.  All about traveling around being aware and smart.

People here are curtious, friendly, more speak or at least will try and speak english with you. Traffic is not that bad, taxi's are great, and of course Starbucks close by.

Farther down La Rambla , stumbled into a market in full swing.

jam packed solid with just about anything fresh you could want to buy, vegetables, meat, fish and candy ?
Mounds of the stuff, piled high.

from there we headed down closer to the water, to check out the beaches.
One thing you notice here amongst all the old and historic buildings is the fabulous new architecture, sculptures, art etc.

And then the beach !!!!  ok more pics of that to come, needless to say things on the beach are a little more loose than Canada haha
That is one of maybe 15 or so beach areas along the shoreline of Barcelona. All public, with restaurants and bars on the boardwalk, Very well setup. clean and pretty relaxed.

The views on the beach are awesome

More beach is on the agenda once the show is over.

Girl with Camera pic taken after diner on the boardwalk, she was out taking pics of all the cafe's and took one of me also.

ok time to get back to work, ,more to come. Internet at hotel is very slow so can only connect when at the venue. next update in a day

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