Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Happy New Year - 2011 already

Ok maybe a little late with my Happy New Year salutations but still got it out !

Ok getting ready for another trip, depending on approvals from the high ups of course.
As much as it all sounds like fun , it is for work and does need to go through proper channels.
Someone has to pay for it in the end.

So the plan right now is......

Start with a weeks vacation in Tokyo, Japan for the first week of April.
Ya Japan (haha) for vacation. (haha)
A friend in Shanghai works for a travel agaent and is arranging a group trip for friends from Shanghai.
And I was asked if I wanted to join, how could i refuse.

That first week of April is the Japanese Sakura Festival - Cherry Blossom Festival , when all the cherry blossom trees bloom in Japan.
My tour guide asked if I wanted to try different things than the usual tourist spots. Though I woudl like to see Mount Fuji, even if from a distance.
Also on tap is to experience is Japanese Puffer Fish
Basics are if not done right you die haha - certain parts of the fish are highly toxic and you have to have special training and be certified to cook and serve this fish.

Will I do it ? what the heck haha

Then after hanging in Japan for a week its off to China. Back to Shanghai office , meet up with all the great people there, re-establish relationships and get settled for 2-3 months of work in China.

We will go visit alot of the same customers, spend more time reviewing their process and operations and really push to help them recieve the maximum life of their rubber belt.

Either way am excited to be returning to China. I really like it there. And look forward to sharing what I see and experience, with everyone.

updates to come.