Monday, September 3, 2012

Small Update - just something to share

Been awhile, have pics to post and things to share - will get to that in the next week or so.
Creative writing needs inspiration, so I wait for it.

Till then a little taste of some goodness (well at least for me)

My family grew up on music, was part of our day, part of our travels. We listened to everything.
Was not uncommon to be driving down the highway listening to a mixed tape that had Abba, Henry Mancini and Genesis, one after another.

Part of that was having Hi-Fi, thats High Fidelity Stereo for those that dont know.
In those days most had a record player speakers etc from Sears or Radio Shack, there was no Future Shop.
If you wanted high quality you went to a Hi-Fi shop (like Target Audio in London) and laid down your dollars.

We got spoiled early, having a set of Celestion Ditton 66 loudspeakers, made in England, and reference quality sound.

Well the Kijiji gods were thinking of me and I found a set of pristine Celestion Ditton 15xr loudspeakers a few weekends ago.
These were out in the 70's, before the days of surround sound and pre packaged systems.

This is a shot of one as I got it - almost new condition

8" Celestion driver with cast basket, rubber surrounds and 1" Dome tweeter. with 8" passive radiator - classic Celestion design.

The cabinets for Celestions are covered in Teak veneer, and these ones were due for some oil.

So after a trip to Lowes I found Teak Oil in stock and gave them both a coat.

You can see the richness of the Teak grain coming through now and the wood has darkened up a notch.

These are just natural light pics with a little white bounce coming from the left side to fill in.

How do they sound ?

Awesome is about the only way to describe them. Really nice bottom end , clear highs - exactly what I remember from 30+ years ago listening to Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon (released 1972)

Not bad for $120