Sunday, September 18, 2011

Downtown All Day !

Ok was downtown London all day

Dundas Street closed from Talbot to Wellington - about 4 or 5 blocks.
This is a combined Car Free Days - hence why Dundas is closed off and Oh Fest - Indie Music Fest.
Great idea to combine the two !!

So the usual attendants, various Environmental groups, local charity orgs, health orgs all out. See the same familiar faces I have seen at all the past events.

Music is a good twist to the Car Free Day - adds a lot, brings out a different crowd, specially with university in full swing now at Western University of Ontario.

Oh! Fest is an independent music festival in downtown London. Outdoor events are all-ages and free. Organized by London's Open House Arts Collective in its first editions.

Some nice hardware on stage - everyone doing their retro look etc - lots of Traynor Guitar Amps from the 70's and 80's - wish I had kept all my stuff is worth money now.  Though I still have the Traynor Mono Block sitting in storage. hhhmmmmm am sure its worth about the same as some camera gear haha.

All the players seem small and skinny - not sure why - starving artist thing ?  No fat guys playing Heavy Metal here.

Cool guitar of the day haha
The Hondo Explorer Bass in some scary 80's New Age Blue.

Of course my preference is Bass being a fumbling player from the past, so always have to get shots of the Bass players in action. And a beat up Fender Bass.

And what festival is complete without some colorful people added to the mix.
Nice coat.

And even nicer shoes !  Red Shoes that is !!

Ok I have a number of photo book ideas. I wrote of one for high heel shoes after my observation in China.  The red shoes above qualify !!  So you have sene in the past my "Girls With Camera" my new book idea.

First thing I noticed was the amount of hardware out there on the street. Was a Canon and Nikon Fest. Obvious pros out with big camera bodies and lens. Very obvious that big high end cameras are more common place than ever.

Highlight of my day was having a chance encounter with Colombian Super Model, Maria - not seen in public very often. She keeps a low profile and out of the media spot light. 


Her managers and security close at hand. Actually her parents as Maria is daughter of one of my coworkers.  Obviously the genes have not fallen far from the tree.
Here Mom and Dad pose as tourists - funny shot !  Classic travel brochure pic haha

ok my artsy shot of the day and then am off to warm up the camera for another day of picture taking.

dang I still have to pack !!!

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