Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Been awhile

Month of August and September passed by way to quick.
Seems like suddenly summer was over. am trying to remember what I did or didn't do.

As usual I look through the pics and remember.

back in August was Tough Mudder held in Barrie, ON, if you remember an early posting i had talked about his a shared a video link.

I headed out crack of dawn, August 18th , thinking I would have more than enough time to get onsite and meet up with some people I knew were doing the course.

All was well till I hit the exit for the event - traffic was backed up on the should of the road for a few kilometers - this put me behind at least 45 minutes getting in.

Then a 20km bus ride form parking to the site, Mount St Louis Ski Resort.
Got there in time to see a start to a group of participants.

 There was over 4000 people on the course on Saturday and just as many spectators.

Its all about finishing and nothing to do with how fast or what place you come in. Completing the course , getting past all the obstacles and challenges is what the goal is.

Like this one, dont look like much. Jump in the murky water, swim down and under the wall and back up the other side. Easy enough.

Until you realize they are dumping ice into that there water, keeping it at ice cold temperature. Per reports by the time you got under that wall your head was numb.

Over coming your fears, taking that leap off the edge.  That's probably the biggest message I got from this event. None of the obstacles are insurmountable, all with team work or assistance from others can be overcome. The course and ideas came from Special Forces training, training men to overcome and work as a team to reach the goal - not about the individual.

 Of course there is some fun along the way, taking 100ft or so slide down the mountain.


 Throw in some belly crawl under electric fence wires hanging down. Even though you as a person must push yourself through, team mates and spectators were on hand to cheer and encourage.

And yes there are serious injuries happening.  Even as a spectator I had to sign a waiver for my own safety and not hold them accountable.

Last obstacle of the day, and there were over 18 of them, is walk or run through electric fence wire hanging down This guy walked through and took it all.

And once you all done and need a scrub down, Samsung was sponsoring the bubble bath at the end of it all.

This girl was on the bus headed back to the parking lots. She and her friends were all pretty chatty for 15 or so minutes and then it got quiet. Fatigue kicked in , the adrenaline gone.

 There are other events scheduled for next year. There are other events similar but none compare to Tough Mudder. Question is could I do it ?

Of course what event is not complete without a Girl With Camera moment.

Did the last of Heart and Stroke Big Bike event in London. Two days and it was all done. The bike loaded up and headed out until next year.

That day also spotted the ongoing growth of high end sport cars here in London.

Have seen this one a few times just never had camera pointed in that direction.

Did a few other charity events.
Parkinsons Society Walk through Springbank Park here in London.  My good friend The Hun invited me along. Was nice day considering it had threatened rain.

met Mckeena out shooting with a friends Nikon (we forgive her) .
She was our Girl With Camera for the day.

Also this past month was CIBC Run For The Cure held in Victoria Park. They say they had about 4000 participants for the day. Looked like it !

Pink was the color of the day as you can see in the pic above, so lots of teams and people decked out in their finest pink !!

some ran - awesome catching a runner with feet off the ground as they sprint into the finish.

This t-shirt says it all !!

Chances are you know someone or have a family member suffering through, in remission or taken by cancer - do your part to donate your time or money as you can.

This year between the various events I donated over 100 hrs of camera time to various charities.
I encourage any fellow photographers to do the same.

During all that I managed to be involved in a house renovation project, ripped out and reinstalled a new Ikea kitchen.

Took this mess...

And turned it into this  - a lot of measuring and this and that to finally take one day to get all the cabinets installed.

Got an invite to attend the Mid-Autum Festival show held at the West Park Church on Gainsborough Rd, wow talk about a facility !!

Full stage - lighting sound - video production - did not know this place even existed.
Would make a great venue for music.

If you know me, then you know I enjoy food, enjoy cooking (but never for myself)
The last month have been making an effort to eat a little better, do a little more home cooking.

Got a lesson in dumpling construction, and produced my first batch of home made dumplings, these ones done with chicken and fixings. the mangled looking ones are mine haha

Got my cooking on one day and made butternut squash soup.

Another Charty drive was Bender's 2nd Annual Musicians Ball, hosted by Barb and Jim McCormick. Donations and proceeds went to Salthaven Wildlife Sanctuary. I encourage any musician who has not attended to make it out for next year. The date is already set for Saturday, August 24th , 2013.

This is one of the beneficiaries of the sanctuary and now a full time resident.

Small shout out to Wendy Queen and Pat Crawford, ace music photographers.  You can find either one of them at  Hurtin Merv or Bender shows around the city.

They shoot Nikon but we forgive them 

At the end of it all a rainbow.

Taken from my balcony.

Am not one for landscape or nature pics but managed to capture one this past weekend while out in Springbank Park.

anyways , small little update, some pics.