Sunday, August 21, 2011

Outside the Comfort Zone !!

OK so if you have been reading this from the beginning and you know me. You have realized that I have been way outside my comfort zone for the last year.
Overcame my travel anxieties, ate food in places where you don't want to see the kitchen and have learned to never, ever , pass up a clean washroom.
Hotels are not for comfortable beds, they are for clean bathrooms haha.

Ok so being pushed outside your comfort zone means you say yes to things, you normally would'nt.
You "stick the tip in" even though the voice inside your head says "don't do it".

So aside from the demands of the job, pushing my comfort levels, photography has been another source of anxiety and working outside the zone. Meeting people, having that first interaction, walking up to complete strangers for pics (oh trust me am not over it) Working the various fairs and events this past two years. Sometimes its easy , a lot of times its not.
Being polite I tend not to 'invade' peoples private space, the camera being an obvious intrusion.

So this past Saturday was one of those big pushes outside the Zone.

Without listening to my inner voice I took on the task of taking photo's for a wedding, held outside the town of Dutton, about 40 minutes West of London.

Matt and Lauren both live and work out in the country.  So relaxed atmosphere was the key for the day.

Went out at 9am to meet the girls and get some pics while they got ready.

This was the grooms sister just after makeup all done. Wonderful !!

A shot of the lovely bride, Lauren once all dressed, makeup and hair done. Ready for the hitchin !

There were also dogs involved. This is Foxy , Basset Hound and a sweetheart of a dog, just happy to be with everyone,played with the kids and slept.
Though they had been planning this since February, you think that they had started this just last week haha. Marriage license didn't show up till sometime around 3pm (ceremony was to start at 4). Flower lady showed up missing a bouquet. Brides answer was "give her mine, I don't need flowers", so some scrambling happened rearranging things.
There was also cowboy boots involved. These people live/work on farms, have horses. The Bride in fact is a Farrier, works in the region helping people with showing horses etc, so this was to be expected.
And yes she wore those boots under her wedding dress and of course the groom has his own on.

And so your asking at this point, "what about horses ?".
Well you know they were involved int he ceremony. After walking down the aisle, they mounted Big Mac and Pepsi (yes they name their horses after fast food haha) and rode off up the hill.

And now the money shot. Am proud of this one , even with its issues. Am sure a lot more could have been done on my part for this picture. One thing I found out yesterday, you have to really get the client reeled in and under control, every moment seemed to be rushed. Pictures were wanted but they don't understand it takes time, put that up to my lack of experience.

Oh ya and for reference, cowboy hats make for really hard picture taking, they have a tendency to shade the face. So even though we had pretty good light, I always found myself having to push some in just to try and balance it all out. Again very tough for first time shooter, with no planning. Yes i was the last minute, no other option guy to do this job. Oh we love the stress.

While we did that last pic , rain drops started !
And 5 minutes after that the clouds broke and the downpour started. Could not have planned that if we had wanted.

No wedding cake, apparently there was some major meltdown during the job and things didnot go as planned. Of course the bride found out while they were seconds away from Cake Cutting portion of the fun. gotta love it. She said fine, we have the cup cakes.
Made to match the wedding flowers. Well done.

For my first time, i got lucky ! I had had great people to work with, very inviting, very happy to have me there.
Now to sort through it all, organize and maybe make a few prints for them (not included in my 'package') thinking the Money Shot and a few others. They will enjoy.
Hope they are happy when i deliver it all to them in about a week.

29 Days to Barcelona

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  1. Hey Doug,

    Those are fantastic photos!

    Congrats on getting out of your comfort zone! I was the same way but with going to different countries since 2000 I hear ya on eating in places you would never dream of going before & a hotel is about a clean toilet haha Traveling is always full of adventure! Enjoy!!

    Lucky you to be going to Barcelona!!