Saturday, November 26, 2011

My Baby ! My Baby !

Ah the weekend !
Friday was one of those days ya just didn't feel , was a blah day and add some tired to the mix.
Though I had pics planned with Hurtin Merv at Sunny's Bar in St Thomas,ON

So go through the usual routine.
Charge batteries, erase memory cards, pack up my bag for some what ifs, pack the right lens.
Was planning to use the Canon 5D as primary and then Canon T1i as backup.
The T1i does better at higher ISO.

So did a few test shots, kind getting camera's setup...........

Then the funny sound !
Not so funny actually.
Viewfinder went black on the Canon 5D and there was the sound of loose change in the body.
quick pulled the lens off to find the mirror inside , floating around loose.

The silver thing (the mirror) should be sitting happily attached to the inside of the camera.

And you will say "Well Doug that's what you get for buying 6yr old used camera on Kijiji"
Your right.

Quick check of the web and 'Bingo', Canon released a Warranty Recall for this exact problem, and will ship and repair the problem at no charge !!  Can you say "Wheeewwwwww" (wiping sweat from brow)

That left me using the T1i last night and will say that there is noticeable difference, besides the size and weight.  Picture quality of the T1i is not what i seem to get from the 5D, cant explain it
A fellow photographer (and Nikon D40 user) wants to switch to Canon, in their words "Canon is softer" and maybe thats what i am seeing on the 5D. Who knows.

So few pics of Merv and we were out of there, boys were in fine form and having a good time.
Truly enjoy going out to see them.

Merv of course was doing what Merv does best, keeping the crowd happy !

This morning was attempt at food pic using flash instead of the window light. And after a little reading managed something that I am happy with (for the moment).

This is all in prep for pics at Lotus Thai Restaurant in St Thomas,ON, I had met Pom and V.K. through mutal friend and enjoyed there food at the restaurant and at local events. Nice people !!
And their food deserve some pics that will showcase what they have going on there.
Watch for update on that.

Just a piece of simple cake.

Trick is getting that flash over to the side, low and bouncing some light back in with a white card or piece of paper.

Manged to get some texture and nice look. Will keep on this, could be another nice little niche market for pic taking. 
I kinda like the idea trade pics for food !!
Now if only I could trade pics for personal training time ??

Sunday, November 20, 2011

November Gone !!

Hard to imagine but another year has passed us by !

December is around the corner, as of right now 34 days, give or take depending on what country you are in.

Life has been kinda normal, working, sleeping, taking pics.

This past week had the opportunity to see and hear Goddo, Canadian  rock legends from the 70's and 80's. They played at Downtown Kathy Browns, in London,ON.
Nice location downtown Dundas St but not really setup for bands, less than desirable lighting, wacky stage layout, but dont matter with the right act playing.

Opening act was Scott Brunelle , local guy from Aylmer,ON. Truly amazing guitar player , song writer.

Next up was NAIL local Progressive Rock group. Really talented players and great set of original material.
The lead singer Cindy is a real powerhouse and energy to spare, she knows how to work it !!

Rainer can play !! Great sound out of his Flying V , formerly of Helix and owner of Mole Studios here in London. Surprising the talent you find in a town sometimes.

Backed up by solid rhythm section of Darcy on bass and Dale on drums. I want to see them play at a better venue and will be looking for a copy of their CD.

Headline of course was Goddo !

I had never seen them , never owned an album or cd, so for me after hearing about them for the last 30 years and then seeing them play was awesome.  Greg Godovitz (bass)is now in his 60's,

wont even guess the age of Gino Scarpelli (guitar)

or Doug Inglis(drums),

what I saw and heard was effortless playing combined with great stage presence. And even though the crowd was small, Goddo played it up  like it was Massey Hall.

Best part was meeting Rick and Chuck of Twisted Rock Starz Productions , who brought Goddo to town and will have Toronto 70's hard rock act Moxy here December 16th. What its given me is access to shows for pics, new network of people and bands and more oppurtunity to hone my craft and get my skills up so it becomes effortless.  These are two really good guys, working hard to bring acts to London. Keep up the great work !!

This night I alternated between the Canon T1i and the Canon 5D. My worry on the 5D was not being comfortable with what I see on the back screen. though once downloaded to camera was pleasantly surprised by the results. Of course Canon 50mm f/1.4 lens dont hurt either. Though the Canon 24-105mm f/4 with IS did really well. Biggest problem was trying not to blind people onstage trying to pour some light in there to make up for the crappy stage lights. Trust me its tough taking pics in a black room with a few lights lighting up the stage.
Also spent a few moments with a lady named Marni on how to use her camera to take pics, she had great little Lumix camera. Got her in Manual mode, high ISO and she was rocking, always up for sharing what i know, am sure I will learn something back.

Other fun has been trying my hand at food photography. Using natural light from the kitchen window and a white bounce card (big piece of white paper).

 The big piece of white paper (foam core from Michaels) is used to bounce light from the window back into the bowl, so the left side is lit up a bit. Very simple way to add light for pennies.

Also did pics of Patrick who is training, so we did before pics and in a few months, after pics to follow. That update later. Also on the horizon is fashion event at The Bay and possibly a day of taking before/after pics at the cosmetic counter of The Bay.  More experience the better, and as I enjoy portrait taking great way again to practice. The challenge is making up a mini-studio in a large exclusive department store. great fun

Plans in the works now for trip to India in the new new year, to do the needful. Other than that its regular life, waiting for tomorrow.

later !