Friday, September 27, 2013

India all done - headed home

Two weeks in India , quickly passed.

I think I have the words Maruti Suzuki (very popular small cars in India) firmly imprinted on my butt.
Couple of 10 hour drives into the back roads of India will do that to you !!

Will write some more once am rested  and relaxed.
I spent a lot of sleepless nights this trip, waking up early, way to early.
And Indian food does get to me after awhile, as much as i enjoy some of the flavors and tastes, the style does not cooperate.
My stomach has been in constant state of turmoil since landing haha (but not sick)

Did have one free day in Delhi and managed a small adventure.

Have managed to conquer 2 of the 7 wonders of the world. Go figure
If you had asked me a few years ago, if I would ever see these places would have said no, yet here I was


Saturday, September 14, 2013

Waiting for flight once again !

Sitting in Dubai Airport

Its 8pm local time or 12pm at home.

next flight at 22:30
then 8hrs in Mumbai
then another flight at 14:00 to Ahmadabad, India

and of course little sleep while flying


Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Hard to leave here

Have been blogging here for just over 3 years
Some times more than others, I leave come back , startup , go away

Guess depends if I have something to say

as of today August 7th , 2013 I have had over 20,000 views
hard to say I will move this over to my web page.
The content is all there

find me at


Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Folks, friends, followers....

Will be moving this blog over to my website in the next week or so.
Next update will be form there with a blast of pics from last few months.

Here are a handful

Ending Tyranny at The Brunswick Tavern, courtesy of Almighty Promotions

Make Haste To Mutiny - Brunswick Tavern courtesy of Almighty Promotions

Doghouse Rose at London Music Club

Northlane (from Australia) at Rum Runners, London Music Hall shot for VR Magazine

Sweet Leaf Garrett at Eastsides , shot for Local Live 

And for something completely different ,

Garden Club of London at Springbank Park Greenhouses

 ok thats it for now - next update from new blog setup


Friday, April 26, 2013

Run down of my weekends !!

Yes I have ben lax at updating this Blog .

new website being built so am keeping posts here to a minimum.

But to help explain the lack of typing , I did a count of groups I have shot in the last few months :

Tortured Saint
Devine Right of Kings
Make Haste To Mutiny
Transcend The Skies
Wind Cries Mary
Between Breathing
Through These Words
Great White Shark
Party Cat
Violent Decline
Geoff Masse Band
Tommy Solo
Dennis Pederson
Sound As People
The Wrecks
Dave's Not Here
Walls of This Chamber
Door to Door Human Gore
Ending Tyranny

And of course the guys that started it all for me : Hurtin Merv

April 11th I took my first "Pro" shots for YES at Massey Hall, Toronto. to be posted once cleared by my editor at

And last night my first local show , with I Mother Earth at the London  Concert Theatre

more updates to come, pics of course and other news.


Monday, April 15, 2013

Ok some updates and still lots to say

Sorry folks I have been a blur of activity lately.

But just to give you some idea of whats kept me from updating.

First up , got connected to Velvet Rope Magazine as a photogrpaher , for London and area. though have access to shows in Toronto also.
Got to shoot my first big show , YES at Massey Hall. Sorry no pics yet until released back to me ( I have ownership)

Then found out about Local Live Entertainment here in London, a great place offering a complete host of services to the music sector. Live rehearsal space, digital recording studio,  Live Streaming to web and everything else that any musician would want. Pics to come. Am now Photographer for them and helping design their future.

And learning about video.

All of this has kept me busy most weekends.
Happy to get to work on Monday so I can rest and relax.

Lots of pics to post , so be patient they are coming


Friday, March 22, 2013

My new girlfriend

Want to introduce everyone  to my new girlfriend

She is from Japan, new to the country , just seeing what goes on in this part of the world.

She speaks English, and has all the right parts in all the right places.

I know she will challenge me

I know she will dissapoint me

But if I learn about her, spend my time with her and not give up when she confuses me

All will be good

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Updates to Come

Yes have been a little slow on the updates lately.
Been a busy boy !!

Have something good going on photography wise, and that's going to add to my busy starting next week.

As they say all good things come to those that wait !

Meanwhile for weird coincidences.

In 2011 I attended the Gathering on the Green , in Wortley Village, located in the centre of London,ON
Walked around for a an hour or so , took some pictures (of course) stored them away.

Well a few weeks ago I hooked up with Forest City Sites and Blake Strategies, to collaborate with them and trade services. And as part of that did some photo's for a local business downtown and while there noticed some dolls or figures on top of a shelf that made me think of something I had taken pics of.

Turns out the owner of the business I was at also has a hand in another business, hand making and selling, these.  When I showed her this pic, she taken back , wondering where I got it.

These were taken in a tent at Gathering on the Green , in 2011 and sitting on my hard drive waiting for something to do 
 Imagine waking up and finding this staring at you from you bed room dresser !!

More to come on that as I see opportunity.
That is when i have a spare moment to get there.

On tap in the next little while , pics for Chanel Cosmetics event at The Bay, Masonville Mall,  a show at London Music Hall for a music artist Classified , and at Call The Office for Sinclaire.

Yes kind of a music theme going on in pics this month

updates to come about what has been going on all of March


Monday, February 25, 2013

Another month passes us by....

Seems the days and weeks pass by faster than we want to.

Was not that long ago ( well at least in my mind ) I was out shooting pics in a dark bar, with a group of Metallurgists playing fast and loud.

Metallurgists for you that don't know, are not just guys concerned about the physical and chemical behavior of metals. Wikipedia Description

It is how I describe players of heavy metal , though am sure I am not using the right term for these guys.
Though a Facebook connection (as much as loath Facebook) I was abel to go out and take pics of 5 bands playing at the Brunswick Tavern , St Thomas , ON. Been awhile since I had seen some original acts, and was worth the ear splitting decibels and less than favourable lighting conditions (like most bars).

Shout out to Jordan Chatten , of Almighty Promotions, for letting me have the privilege of having access to the show.

Jordan as well as being the promoter and organizer of these shows, bringing groups together,  is also guitar player with Make Haste to Mutiny, local St Thomas band.
he has Rock pose#5 down to a T

Highlight of the night for me was the dueling guitars of Transcend The Skies.

7 string Schecters  !

Of course pics are not complete without at least one bass guitar shot, and some low B bending action.

That was a Friday night, got home , ears ringing. Note to self , purchase ear plugs.
Monday was not far away, along with a 09pm flight out of Pearson International on my way to Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Flying emirates again, means taking that same flight as the last times I traveled that way , the 9pm put of Pearson headed to Dubai.
Did stop for a snack at a place in Pearson, called Heirloom Bakery and Cafe. All the seats have an Ipad and power for charging. so after you use the Ipad to make your order, you can either use their device to browse the web or plug inyour laoptop to charge and use the airport free internet service.

Very nice setup, great service and of course usual overboard airport prices , as to be expected.
Food was great , had the salmon sandwich.

Well on the plane we go , 13hrs to Dubai, 8 hr wait and then 5 hrs to Dhaka. Yippee !!!!

For you chocolate lovers out there, Toberlone happiness at the Duty Free shop in Dubai aiport.

Finally after losing 2 days of my life in airplanes, I arrived in Dhaka.
First impression was looking out the hotel shuttle (we use that term loosely) to see the hordes standing at the gate.

Life is a little rough for some here in Bangladesh.  Hate to say but i have a new appreciation for India.

things you notice
Dont see to many nice cars here, most are small and have a few miles on them.
The bus here looking like they have all been in a Nascar , bump and grind , for awhile.

Next to the hotel, was a local Police station. Seems this car had been there for awhile under investigation.

Of course it might have been only a few weeks.
One thing you really notice here is the amount of dust and pollution in the air. Each morning I would look out the restaurant window. you could barely see the past a few blocks as the smog and dust of the night settling on the city.
Bad pic through dirty window, but really can see the smog hanging over the city.

Everything is covered in dirt and grime.
Seeing those things you see in movies, like this shot of just about ever wire on the street converging.

saying that of course there are always thos splashes of color that show up or seeing something you dont see to often.
Like this guy, peeling and carving carrots on the side of the road , for sale, quick snack.

or the flower vendor, offering some brightness to the day.

A host from the hotel roof at the end of the day when the sun has had a chacne to burn away that cloud of dirt over the city.

all that craziness aside, the hotel was great. A local place called the Dhaka Regency Resort and Spa. It hads comfortable beds , good restaurant and even a roof top grill/bar. and yes they serve alcohol, except on Fridays which is a religious day of prayer.

At one point we ended up out of the city and after crossing a river , you notice the brick yards , running along the banks of the river.
That is at least 8 brick kilns seen here. Might explain the haze that hangs over the city, as I noticed it was all blowing towards Dhaka.
Things you see on the side of the road, like these stainless steel head boards , waiting for anxious customers.

or if wood is more your thing, nad built and carved headboards available. Next time will find out the cost.

LIke a lot of things on this side of the world, why pay for a truck when a guy with a bike can pump that load of paper across town.

Put it in perspective, the average 500sheet package of paper weighs around 5lbs, so quick counts says he has 340+ lbs running on that side of his cart. It was about 3 wide , so he was pedaling a good 1000lbs down the street.
Remember that next time you think you are working 'hard' for a living.

After all that fun it was time to head back.
5 hr flight from Dhaka to Dubai, so I can sit for 8 hours waiting for the next bus to Canada.
There are worse airports in the world than this one that's for sure.

Just about anything you can imagine is available to drink or eat.
And if you need some relax time you can go stare at the fish.

or of you have the urge to shop and spend money , then how about a new Chanel watch for a little over $5k !

All that happy came to and end , when after 12 hrs in the air, we arrived in Toronto at 3pm  to find out we could not land. Winter storm had wind speeds up above the planes capability. Detour to Washington DC for fuel and to kill some time. Then back to Toronto another hour waiting to land , then another hour waiting for them to clean the snow from the driveway so we could park.
Should have been home by 7pm Friday night, by the time the smoke cleared and I was home it was 3am Saturday.

Ya, international travel is boatloads of fun !!