Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Time Flies when your busy

Wow Sept 13th already !!

6 days till blast off to Barcelona, Spain , guess I should pull out a suitcase and get packing haha.

not much photo taking in the last week or so , been busy.
To make up for it I have two days at Car Free Days downtown London , combined with Open Doors London all running Sept 17th thru t end of day Sept 18th.

Did hit up Wortley Village version of Car Free day last Sunday, was small and quiet.
My shot of the day was this young bulldog, waiting patiently.

Next photo fun for the week was taking pics of Miss Laurel, have known her for about 3 years and she wanted some pics of herself and I managed to get the job. She wanted nice natural looking, everyday kind of picture. This was my first job taking actual portraits outside for someone. So like every other assignment I take it was a learning experience.

This was done at the end of the day, with the setting sun behind me, at the fork of the Thames River.
Light was great, focus was right on, out of all the pics this is my favourite.

Speaking of the Thames River, I went out one night last week to try long exposures of the Fountain, located at the Fork of the Thames.
This particular picture was done with 30 second exposure (meaning camera was open for 30 seconds) and then I actually used my flash and manually ht the flash button about 20 times to light up the water even more. I was standing to the left of the picture about 75 feet from the camera.

Will go back and take more of this, winter is coming and should be interesting with some ice and snow involved. To bad for the wacky sky color because of the city lights !!

Time to dust off the suitcase and get it open and start packing before the weekend is here and I am out of time.

ok lets see, camera, batteries, 70-200mm lens, 50mm lens, 30mm lens, Oh cant forget the 10-20mm wide angle, flash............ (priorities haha)

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