Sunday, June 5, 2011

Gathering on the Green

Saturday June 4th is the annual Gathering on the Green in Wortley Village.
Wortley Village is in the Old South area of London, and the place to live, if you have to much money and dont mind spending it , so you can say you live there haha.  Yes its a Yuppie paradise haha.

the Gathering on the Green has been running for 27th years now, and really just a local festival, brings out various business's and organizations from the neighborhood, and they setup for the day behind the recently restored Normal School. You can read about it here

Some details on the London Normal School

was a little overcast in the morning (which eventually turned into major downpour) though those clouds make for great pictures. This pic is of the London Normal School. had a big lens on and couldnt get back far enough , later when i tried with lens to grab the whole building, the colors were just not there.
I was out there to take pics for the London Bike Festival, who had setup a booth to do tune-ups on peoples bikes as well as take their picture , to use on the festival website but also email to the people.
Of course the rain put a damper on people actually taking their bikes out, so expect for a few die hards , that was a bust.
The only bike worth a shot was this one, that I caught out of the corner of my eye, a classic !!

So I wandered around and took pics of whatever grabbed my eye.

This lady (great red hair) did not want to see her picture, wreath in her hair was being made by some ladies at one of the booths.
Local Taoist Tai Chi org came out to do a demonstration, i don't think there was anyone under 50 going through their routine
Had some local bands out also.

These kids, all about 14 , really rocked. I had seen them last year at one of the Car Free Sunday's in downtown London. The kid on the left with the Red Strat is a wicked little player. The gang of them all attend the same Music Academy here in London.

Then these 3 characters showed up on stage, trio of old guys, who were kicking out Stevie RayVaughn material as if they wrote it. Anyone that has listened to SRV would know that its not easy stuff to play from a guitarists point of view.

And really how can you not be good when the drummer is this cool looking.

Saw these dolls in a booth for sale, just wackiness, walked by a few times before it was clear enough for a few pics .

And mainly because of this one, the eyes !!! like they are staring into the depths of your soul haha.

Ok now 5 days to blast off time to China !
Flying out Saturday morning at 1:30am via Cathay Pacific, first to Hong Kong, then after a little sit arrive in Shanghai 10:30 Sunday morning. Which beats getting there later in the day and being zonked out. Thinking about trying a sleep aid this time, to conk me out at some point, so I dont arrive in Shanghai all scrambled and not thinking right.

OK Later !

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