Tuesday, June 28, 2011

East Lake - Wuhan

Last  Saturday visited East Lake - wuhan's answer to West Lake in Hangzhou. (see my past posts when i was there last year)

Honestly the place is, I think, much more than hangzhou, its only failing is that it is 5hrs from Shanghai and not as popular with the Shanghai crowd.  The lake is bigger and more going on there for activities.
Though most was locked up or closed down , looked like renovations going on.
East Lake on Wikipedia

Also with all the rain in China these days, the water level was up over a metre from normal , so some of the paths were closed down and the brave wading through knee deep water for access to other sections.

And like West Lake , East Lake is a mecca for wedding photographers catching that special moment for couples.

and apologies for image quality , that day was extremely bright day with usual haze around the city, so makes for the worst picture taking scenario.

We did go out for a boat ride on to the lake, to cool down from the relentless sun.
 In one of these boats, with human powered paddler in the rear and usual lack of safety equipment. haha. So far have not met to many Chinese that can swim. not like alot of us Canadians who spent summers at cottages or beaches with clear water. You dont want to swim in East Lake.

Managed a shot of Miss Aibing in the shade of the cover with our hard working paddler behind.

And my lucky shot of the day and one I will print and put on my wall in London. My Guerilla photo method pays off once again - 1 shot over the shoulder , center focus and paid off !!

This lady is around 60 yrs old and been doing this awhile. They get a small portion of the fee we paid, 80% of it goes to the group. So hard work for little money.

We then went into the park section with monuments and usual tourist trap places. We had to take a boat to get in as the main entrance is closed, what looks like renovatoins, though there was not much open, not sure why. So was pretty quiet day there.

Park entrance 

Some statue near the water

Building on top of the hill - didnt make it up there , as everything seemed to be shutdown

Of course there was the usual tourist stuff , like dressing up in olden time costumes to have your picture taken. Caught this couple all dressed up , the girl was freaking out having some westerner take their pic, in the end she went for it.

And for you UFO buffs out there.
A few years ago there was a water plume spotted on the lake, quite large , that of course was explained away by the local meteorologists.  But there was reports of UFO 's being spotted in the area shortly before the event, so who really knows.

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