Monday, May 30, 2011

Email updates

OK one problem I had last year was updating my blog , while in China.
Most blogging sites are blocked, so after a few days I had zero access.

So testing update via email, so please be patient with any goofiness
Did manage to get a copy of a program that tunnels out to servers outside of China,
and from there access blogs etc.
It needs updates like very other day, trying to stay ahead of the internet police  

This past weekend we had Bob Seger and Kid Rock playing at the John Labatt Centre.
So city renamed one street “Michigan Ave” for the day.
Portable stage was setup and a few bands played.
Mostly Motown hits,

Did see the smallest kick drum ever.
3 piece band , guitar, keybrds and drums played Stevie Wonder , Marvin Gaye and nailed it big time.

Also ran into Eden, girl who has had pics taken with me a few times.
She was out roller blading around London with her good friend Amber.
Did manage a quick snapshot and turned out great
12 days to blast off via Cathay Pacific to Hong Kong.

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