Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Bund - Wuhan

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Shanghai has The Bund, then I come to Wuhan and they have one also - confused yes - google time

noun \ˈbənd\

Definition of BUND

1: an embankment used especially in India to control the flow of water
2: an embanked thoroughfare along a river or the sea especially in the Far East 
 So the Bund in Shanghai and Wuhan is about the waterway, most likely the embankment that has been created to control the water. 
The one in Shanghai is small in comparison to Wuhan.  
The Yangtze River blows right through the middle of Wuhan in a big way, big and wide enough that the first bridge across the Yangtze River in China was consructed in Wuhan in1957.

Dang that smog and haze here !

Wuhan is actually the conglomeration of 3 cities , Wuchang, Hankou, and Hanyang, seperated by the Yangtze and Han rivers. This monument symbolizes that and below it is a map of the same built into the walk way.

The Bund itself is called the Wuhan Beach Area, and stretches for a few kilometres, though not the kind of beach we are used to, there is no swimming in the Yangtze River !! The area is set up for hanging out, exercise (I saw one lone runner) with exercise machines setup down one side of the promenade.  Lots of shaded areas for sitting. Am sure at night the place is a little more active as the noon day sun was cutting a path thru the haze here.

Also along the promenade were modern art statues of various things.

The art i liked the most was the Tortoise and the Hare depiction. Look closely they are actually computer mice !

And a grand monument to honor the birth of Communisn in China, July 1st, 1921 , so the 90th anniversary is this year. So am sure some big festivities will be in order, though I will be up top a mountain on the first (with Canadian Flag in tow haha)

After getting some sun, we headed across the street to the largest shopping street in China, not sure how long but we only managed to walk about half of it, before needing to get out of there.
One side of the street is under heavy construction as older buildings are being torn down and replaced with modern , all part of that urban renewal project that is ongoing in China.  The prices are not that good when you do the exchange to Canadian dollars, so any thoughts of making cheap purchases need to be dispelled.  No bargaining in the big stores, just like home.

They did have perfume girls wandering the streets, spraying Lynx perfume in the air. Sorry guerilla hip shot so not so clear.

And one thing I had not seen anywhere in China , a lone Skate Boarder on the street, managed a quick shot as he sped by.

Ok so observation of the day !

One thing quite obvious in China
1) Women wear dresses and skirts
2) you have to have shoes to go with them.

If you have a serious shoe fetish then you need to head to China and any big city. Shoes are it here. For the guys really not much styles to look at, but for the girls an endless array of styles, heel height and looks. We were in a shopping store and the complete first floor was basically shoe sales, each brand having its own little booth and hawking its wares.

Thinking my plan next time I am here is to sit on a street corner and take pics of shoes to make a photo book haha. wonder if that could sell ??  

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  1. Hi Doug, wonderful pics as always! Love the shoes & a that sounds interesting!
    We've had a lot of rain so you are not missing much here. I read your blog to Mom when we talk on the phone. Take care & hope to see you when you are back. Les xo