Thursday, June 23, 2011

2 weeks in and Vacation starts June 24th

Ok have been here two weeks, first week was all Shanghai Textile Show at the Shanghai International Exhibition Centre in Pudong distract.
If you remember my updates from last trop here you knew how big the place is.
Well they have pushed the envelope on that and are in the midst of adding 6 more show spaces to the centre. Honestly you could possibly do up to 18 unique tradeshows once the place is fully in gear , dont even think about the centre court area yet to be developed.

Managed to do a panaramic photo - this is 5 pics merged in to one.
Click on the pic and then enlarge to get the full effect.

The show was the usual aray of huge machinery, complete spinning banks, weaving machines etc. What caught my eye where the computerized embroidery machines, this one pumping out the Pudong skyline with multi-colored threads. Tis only one of 20 heads that was stitching into the fabric.

Not far away was another technology , fabric printing. IMagine your home ink jet printer, except that its 8ft wide and prints on fabric.  The colors were amazing and basically if you can get the image int he computer it will print it.

So my first week here was all about the textile show , then had the weekend to relax and cath a breath after being on the road at 7:30 every morning then spending 8hrs standing and smiling.  But gave me chance to chat with the Shanghai folks. 

Of course my buddy Shelton was there and had to take advantage of a photo op, of him and his big toothy grin.

Miss Alice was the one who held it all together, making sure everything was in order and flowing smoothly at the show. Great gal , met her husband this year and her Aunt. The Aunt is 50 this year and decided to learn english 2 years ago, so having me visit gave her the first oppurtunity in over a year to speak english with a foreigner or lǎowài (mandarin)

This year am staying at Motel 168, a China wide chain of hotels, basic rooms, inexpensive by our standards. Place has seen better days buts it clean and has internet and very close walk to the office, price for a room is 182rmb or $27ca per night and has maybe 100+ rooms and busy every night.
Is also walking distance to E-Mart your basic groceries, clothing, housewares and electronics.

obiglitory bedroom and bathroom pics

I like the window between the shower stall and the bedroom, adds some fun to the room haha

At night you can go out and have street meat if your so inclined (I am not) just about anything is available for food.

Construction here is non-stop - really unbelievable how many large housing complexes and office space you see dotting the horizon that are new construction.

One very close to the office in the Minhang district of Shanghai. 5 years ago was apperently industrial spaces and old housing. This pic is example of old Shanghai housing. All of this will get torn down at some point as the goverment repos everything , bulldozes it over and starts another housing project.

Right across the street is a major housing development in progress. This was not here last year.
The question I have is where are people getting the money ? Getting a job in Shanghai is not any easier than anywhere else in the world.

Of course still always something to see or some site to surprise you.
Like the amount of recycling that goes on here, everything has value and reused for something.
This couple was pushing their 3 wheeled motorcycle/cart off the main road to fix it.

Then since it rains here every other day , the site of motorcylce/scooter drivers headed to work in the morning in the daily downpour of the season.

And I am now officialy trained to drive in China !
Buddy Shelton and I ventured out to do some installs at two customer sites , so he asked the question "you want driving ?" . If you know me you know the answer. So i grabbed the keys to the Honda Odysey and we blasted off down the highway. cranked it up to 120 set the cruise control and beat his time the customer by 30 minutes ha ! Even drove in Shanghai !

Have not had alot of time to spend with the folks here in Shanghai, and on Friday June 24th I head out for holiday time here in China.  Did manage some camera time with Clark , the proud owner of a Nikon D90 as of this year. his good friend had recently upgrade to the Nikon D3, for you none camera people is kinda like tradining in your Toyota Camry for a Lexus IS300.

Took this one with the trusty Canon G11 as we talked shop and did some quick pics outside.

And one product we should bring to Canada , just because,  is of course Rusty Sticking Relaxer. China's answer to WD40

Friday I start holiday , with a highspeed train run to Wuhan. 1000km's in about 4.5hrs, west of Shanghai,   to meet up with the lovely Miss AiBing !!  She came to Shanghai last weekend so managed to grab a few pics of her.

ok next update is from Wuhan , till then have fun , keep smiling

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