Friday, June 24, 2011

Quick Update - Start of vacation - Travel to Wuhan

Blasted off out of Shanghai this afternoon, for a speedy journey across 1000km of China.

From Shanghai to Wuhan in 4.5hrs at roughly 250km/hr at the top end, about 10km faster than I ever did with the old Hyundi Tiburon !

The ride was smooth as glass, and really not much different than being on a plane, including stewardess's and snacks for sale.

quick video to watch, hope it works !!

and a video view of out the window. The flicking you see on the screen are the posts on the side of the track that hold the lines up for power to the train, blasting by.

A new train starts up July 1st from Shanghai to Bejing that will cruise along at 300km/hr covering the aprox 1200km in around 5 hrs.

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