Friday, June 10, 2011

On the road again.....

Can't wait to get back on the road again (Willie Nelson)

Sitting at Toronto , Pearson International Airport, its 22:55,its dark outside. Flight to Shanghai , via Hong Kong, blasts off at 1:30am Saturday morning.

The trick is to stay awake until about 10am (Canadian Time) and then try and pass out for a few hours.
This will be equivalent to getting to sleep around 10pm Shanghai time. Emphasis on the word sleep ! My experience in my last overseas flights is that I get little or no sleep and then suffer for a few days when i arrive at my destination. Gotta figure that one out sometime. Of course there are always pills to be taken , but would rather not. I do wonder if it would be possible to change over to China time a week before going, basically flip my sleep schedules ???

One thing i realize as I sit in Terminal 3 of Pearson is that you have no real clue where you are, besides english on the signs and the english announcements. Though throw in any number of accents and it could throw you.

I pondered this as i see the line of airport seating in front of me, a replica of seats in other airports. Different materials, different styles but still the usual uncomfortable seating found around the world. Well maybe except for Dubai and Delhi where wonderfully comfortable lounge chairs were available.

Can only imagine those people who actually travel on a regular basis, another airport, another destination, another lineup, another wait for boarding, only to sit and wait for 15hrs while you blast across the great wide open, headed to some destination.

oh and a hint for those flying, try online checkin if your airline has it !
Pick your seat , print your boarding pass, and jump to the head of the line for baggage drop off. I managed to jump ahead of about 75 people and first one through security , thank you Cathay Pacific !!

Next stop Hong Kong in about 17 hrs from now !

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