Sunday, November 28, 2010

Headed Home

On the road again !!

Ok its Monday Nov 29th around 8:20am Dubai time.
Left Mumbai at 4am this morning.
Unlike Toronto, these airports never seem to stop.

Found some juice, a muffin and a comfortable chair to sit and wait for the next leg of the journey, and the longest.
Dubai to Toronto.
Wandered around for a bit. They are having a a lotto to win some cars or money.
Got a pic of the Porsche sitting there, all shiny

and to balance the shiny off some metal work in the Duty Free Shop waiting for unsuspecting tourists to spend the last of their vacation or travel money.
I bring home pictures, ok and maybe a bottle from the duty free.

ok time for another walk around, next leg is a good 13-14hrs in the air. At leats its on a big Airbus so more leg room and seats a little larger.


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  2. Have a safe trip home. Welcome back to the land of snow :p