Saturday, November 13, 2010

in Dubai

Ok folks can now say I have been to Dubai.
Cant see anything cause its 20:27 here and very dark out.
Had aisle seat and didnt see much out any windows.

Here's a shot from the Plane cam - there are three of them - below, front view and one from the top of the tail section. This one is top of tail section - sorry for the quality , this is shot of the tv screen.

We are flying Economy on Emirates Airbus A380 Wide Body.
Lots of leg room, big tv screens with touch and optional controller, with movies, games, music tv shows.
Service to passengers offered in about 10 languages.
Again another bad pic , of the plane - you can see the second row of windows above.

And this is the first time I have seen this many wheelchairs at one time, on one plane all lined up for our flight

During boarding the Stewardess's were wearing full uniform - really great look !
ok its still Friday night here in Dubai , and 11:30ish Saturday morning in London.
of course cant sleep to well on the plane, watched a wack of movies, tv shows and played some games.
Had Lamb and Couscous for diner and some freshly hydrated eggs for breakfast.

Ok next leg of the trip is at 22:00 Dubai time.
Found Starbucks and having a Venti sized  Xmas blend - oh and same price as home in US dollars.


  1. Roberta - thats your pic I put there - that's awesome - thnx Doug
    Am flying emirates again Nov 28th hope to see you haha