Friday, November 12, 2010

On the Road to Kochi

Ok hitting the skyways tonight.

Emirates ( (sorry not the first class section) flies out at 21:45 tonight making a bee line to Dubai.

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then after wandering aorund the airport for a few hours, hop on the next bus for India (plane actually) and 10hrs later land in Kochi, India at 4am Sunday - guess they dont have airplane restrictions at night there.

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There will be stops in Coimbatore, Delhi, Banglore, Ahmedabad and final destination Mumbai.

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And for those that are wondering, yes have received my Tiwnrex shots, Typhoid and have Malaria pills.
Pretty bad when you have to consider all this to visit a country that most of the worlds large comanies use for Call Centres because of the high technology in communications and computers availabel there !!

Luckily we wont be traveling by train anywhere, am thinking first class tickets woudl be in order lol

last couple of weeks had some photoshoots.

One was for Monica Fairweather - fantastic secret agent name.
Making a calendar for her soon to be hubby for his birthday.
Funny girl , who is from northern Ontario and even lived in Elliot Lake as a kid.

Then got one with Heykel - workout guy and Personal Trainer - doing some promotional pics for the Wortley Wellness Centre here in London. Great guy, funny, oozing energy and in fantastic shape. We are trading services, I will take pics and videos of him for his needs and he will kick my ass in the gym - fair trade I think.

ok time for some bacon and eggs , conference calls, email and last stop at Walmart for a few travel goodies and off we go.

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  1. Have a safe trip...hope you're prepared for the intense heat lol