Wednesday, November 24, 2010

OK Where are we today ?????

Alright will admit to forgetting what day of the week it is !

Its November 24th and we are in Boisar, about 150km from Mumbai (Bombay).
we arrived last night after flying out of Bhopal, into Mumbai and then driving.

Now just to put the drive in perspective.
It is aprox 200km from London to Toronto, for us thats 2hrs without pushing to hard.
Well our little 150km journey last night took 3hrs. and this is considered normal timing from an Indian perspective.
Basically the roads are under construction and have been for years with no end in site for anything to be finished.

so by the time we cleared the airport, found our driver , it was 3am before getting into the room in Boisar.
We are in the best hotel in town.  thankfully cause we dont want to see whats considered less than this.
its clean, the towels are grey and has that typical kicked in the teeth look that we have experienced here.

ok now whats been up since last update and Boisar ??

Last update we were in Delhi for two nights and barely saw the hotel.
We had arrived in Delhi Friday into the hotel around 1am - totall ybeat from a day on the road and of course some flying, from Bangalore.
Then it was up for 8am to meet our agent to head into the wild blue yonder.

The Claridge Hotel was our spot fro two nights, our only regret is not really getting to enjoy the place.

Big screen Sony, King size bed, hardwood floors with rugs, wood panelling !!

and a bathroom that was really nice !!
the only enjoyment of that room was being abel to sleep in Sunday and try and catch up some slep as we had arrived back in Delhi around 11pm. Both of us passed out big time.

After our much need rest, we got some tour time in Delhi on the way to the airport.
Of course as per previous update first stop was the Lotus Temple. Fantastic looking place, beautiful gardens , well maintained, entrance is controlled.  The temple is a Bahai House of Worship

Next stop Humayuns Mausoleum

There was a wack of school kids out in their blue uniforms. all very happy to say hi to us foreigners. I think I said "hello" to every kid there !!

Then it was off to the airport for our next port of call : Bhopal !!
By the time we reached the hotel it was 11pm before we landed once again on a bed.

Our only issue this trip was getting a hotel room in Bhopal. There was apperently various conventions going on, 3 Bollywood movies being filmed in the area and its Wedding Season in India.
 so our only choice was the Arch Manor, even our Indian agent was not happy with the choice.
Was clean bed was ok , restaurant was brutal. basically didnot look like htey had cleaned since opening. So after a coffee and some toast it was off into the wilderness once again.

Fun was seeing an elephant along the road .
and later on monkeys hanging out on the side of the road.
Lucky for us we finished early and headed back to our hotel during daylight.
For a treat our agent had us sotp at an ancient Worl Heritage Site located in this region.
So for first time got to see cave men drawings on the rocks high up in the hills. as per the tour guide they have survived because the rock overhang has protected them from the elements.
There is also a small temple that is located at the site and inhabited by a few people.

Then up the next morning for visits to more customers out in the boonies.
a few on the side of the road - life is different in some parts of the country here.
These girls were doing road work - laying new pavement , they worked all day (we passed them twice)

For some people life is not so easy.
you see that rough living on the road and minutes later you see some high tech palace.
and you catch some neat pics out the window as we fly along. this one I like.  took me a minute to figure out how to get some good shots driving along. basically set it in TV mode at 1/1000sec and let the camera decide. Sun is bright enough to get some good apeture.

ok so off we flew once again into the sky and landed in Boisar.
tonight we are back tot he hotel early, tired and now relaxing with a great internet connection and some vodka.

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