Saturday, November 13, 2010

Landed !!! Finally

Ok made it to India !

Landed here around 4am Sunday morning.
Got through the mass of people at immigration about an hour later.
And arrived at hotel around 6am.

Am a little wacky right now.
Need food and restaurant does not open until 7:30am.
And really dont want to sleep right now.

NO pics of the drive to the hotel, though best advice is to not look forward.
I think we had at least 10 near misses with oncoming cars/trucks.
It was dark and everyone is driving with high beams on - blinding oncoming traffic.

Hotel room is nothing special , would say on par with what i stayed at in China.
Ok hotels, that are just a little run down.

and a view out the window into the back of the hotel area.
Quite green, thinking there is not much around here.
Need to make sure our hosts understand that we cant just be hiding out in hotels every night !

ok time to get off of here and to let my brain settle.
Am flicking channels on tv and watching some sports channel talking about snowmobilng in BC ???

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