Thursday, December 2, 2010

Back to Reality

Well made home in one piece !

From the hotel bed in Mumbai to my bed in London took 24hrs - long freaking day.
Thankfully the plane is big enough to you can actually go for a walk from one end to the other, so at least you can stretch your legs.

I will take a few months in China over a few weeks in India , any day lol

For anyone in to Camera's all the photos for the India trip were either taken with the Canon T1i with Sigma 17-70mm, 2.8-4.5 Crop Sensor lens. or the Canon G11.
I think I could have easily brought just that lens and left everything else at home. It covered just about all my photo needs.  Also with the battery pack/grip attachment I never changed batteries for the whole trip. Though as a note i dont review pics on the camera very much and don't use the built in flash - that saves batteries big time.
Only exception are Hotel room pics when I mount the Sigma 10-20mm Wide Angle.

All other pics were taken with the Canon G11, specially when in places like airports, planes and offices,  its not so in your face when you pull it out. A little pricer for a point and shoot style camera, though it gives you all the functions of the big camera with a few limitations. Only issue has been humidity, going form air conditioned car or office into a textile mill where the temp is running around 100f and humidity is off the charts.  I used it to take the pic of the camera above, as it has a hotshoe for using external flashes. So if your looking for high end P&S without all the fussing of a DSLR (big camera) then this is the one to choose.

So now begins the task of writing reports for each customer visited, plus overall report on the trip.
We use this information to track what we have instructed or recommended our customers to do , so that they can a get maximum life from our product.

Of course Xmas season is rolling up fast along with winter - yipppeeee to both !!

Only plans so far for this month are a scheduled day with my Brazilian Super Model - Miss Vicky.
If you have checked out my Flickr site , she had been posted up there for while. Young girl with ambitions of taking over the world.

She has changed since this pic was taken , almost a year older and changing from young girl to young lady. She does make it easy for the camera. Will be interesting to see what changes the camera picks up.

ok time to head out 

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