Saturday, November 27, 2010

Work is done !! Its Saturday

Well after 2 weeks of running around the country, missing a flight, 3 hr drives into the country side and delays at the airports, its all over with.

Our last excursion was to Ahmedabad, about 1hr flight from Mumbai.
That city is growing fast with the very old being over taken by the very new. It is obvious that the two clash , especially here were expansion in industry is forcing change.

anf of course with all the increased industry and money coming into the town, you know a shopping mall or 2 or 3 or 4 would pop up.  I saw at least 5 major shopping malls. We went to a smaller one, as our agents wife works their on the management team,.

One surprise by our agent was a trip to the historical home home of Mahatma Ghandi here in Ahmedabad. So was somethign to see. He brought spinning of yarn to Indai and of course now India is one of the largest textile manufacturers in the world (compeating with China).  Ahmedabad is also home to Arvind , largest denim manufacturer in the world (lee, wrangler to name a few) and top shirting manufacturer (Arrow shirts).

This gentleman was spinning yarn using a very old device, same as used by Ghandhi.
so that was a treat , seeing some really signifigant piece of Indian history.

So for our last few days we are "stuck" at the The Leela Hotel in Mumbai. This is all about relaxing after running around and staying in less than favourable hotels, and taking a chance on food in places that maybe the travel people warn you about.
our agents were the stars of the show here, they really take care of us. In fact one thing that was repeated by all of them is that having "Foreigners" here , even now, that we shoudl be treated like gods. Hard to digest, though when you think about it, this country relies on the likes of you and I to buy goods manufactured here. And if your not sure , check out the labels on clothing you wear, mostlikely says India, CHina, Bangladesh, Thailand etc. All countries struggling internally to survive based on our greedy habits (gotta say it)

Speaking of greedy
We are stranded at The Leela Hotel in Mumbai until about 1am Monday morning when we leave to catch our flight back to Canada and the freaking cold !

Its +31c here today by the pool. Life is tough.

The advantages of traveling with the VP of the company who is female !! Not that I am complaining lol.  Typical room charge for The Leela is around 12,000R per night or about $300 Canadian. The staff is wonderful , the place is wonderful, wonderful break at the end of a few weeks.  They even do personalized airport shuttle in cars with a driver, amazing service.

ok time for shower and diner.

Sunday is our last day here, we will go tour Mumbai

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  1. Quite the eye opener huh! We sure take a lot for granted here.
    You definitly will be coming home to cold... snow and -10c in London today.
    Have a safe trip back.