Monday, May 28, 2012

Something new to check out.

Well hey, seems am getting to experience new stuff this year or so.
Part of that is going out to places I have never been or seeing something for the first time.

Up to bat or actually up to the timing lights is local street drag racing at the St Thomas Dragway Park

Took a drive out a few Fridays ago, after hearing about from someone in our office building.

Interesting haha

Basically you can bring your everyday driver and get on the track , no safety gear besides seat belt required, until you pass a certain speed. So as you can imagine all kinds were out.

Like this match up between a Honda Civic and a Chevy Pickup truck.  Hmmmm 4cyl versus 8cyl

 Not sure how much of a match up this

The idea is your racing against the lights and the clock, who you race against is of no importance, though there were a few repeat races happening while I was there.

Some cool hardware out there like this Mitsubishi

Highlight for me were the guys out with motorcycles, this is where you see the fast times and top speeds.  Had to wait for the sun to go down a bit to capture some color on these speed demons

Later same bike on the track, so you can see how long it is.
They extend the rear end out, to change the centre of gravity and keep all the weight up front, and the front wheel on the ground.

 This one was routinely hitting 130 to 149 mph, all made for speed, this is no street bike

Few more bikes getting setup for blast off, all of them were doing over 100mph in the 1/4 mile.
Like how these turned out, sun setting, things starting to darken, color really starts to pop !

 Remember I said this was Street Racing and you can bring out any vehicle and run it down the track.

like this tank of a Chrysler New Yorker, top speed maybe around 80mph, with Dad behind the wheel haha, matched up to the Mitsubishi, hiding behind.

Am going to go back , the only issue is the window to get nice pics is pretty narrow on a bright summer evening. They also have more organized races on Saturday nights.
Hmm I wonder if I can get on the track for pics in front ? Might be worth a chat with track owners next time.

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