Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Some fun this Summer !

Through my fearless leader I found out about an event being held near Barrie, called Tough Mudder.

Basically all all out, see how freaking tough you are, obstacle course, being held August 18th at Mount St Louis, just north of Barrie

No am not participating haha, think I would need some serious workout before even considering this.
But I will be attending to cheer on Mr Josh, who will be participating and in the midst of training up for this.

Check out the video !!
To get a sense of the punishment waiting for the men and women ready to give it their all.
This is serious stuff

Even only as a spectator I had to sign an injury waiver, to be able to attend.

I will be there to watch, cheer and take pics (of course) look for this in an August update.


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