Monday, June 25, 2012

Summer is Here !! Already half done ???

Ya wow June is over , have not done anything or gone anywhere, I think

Well actually time has been flying cause I am either doing nothing, and waiting for morning, or on overload.

When I  got back from India, I had an AirBnB job waiting for me here in London. Nice place, family renting out a room in their house, relaxed and nice people.
They did have this awesome cat, that followed me out into the backyard for a few pics.

Gotta like the color of those eyes !!

Few weekends later was at the Fleetwood Country Cruizin.
I had been there a few years ago, with the Canon T1i, that year there uncountable number of vehicles, Notably a few hundred Ford Mustangs.
The show is all about older cars, anything before 1985. If you want to bring out anything newer then it has to be approved for the show.
This year there was an estimated 3000+ vehicles scheduled to attend, though Mother Nature was playing games and rained out most of the Saturday show.
I was out in Sunday and most cars had not showed up based on predicted rain !!  bummer

But still a few cool cars were out

 This BMW Isetta was running around the property, give people rides

 What makes that car so different, aside from the fact that its obvious SMART cars stole some design ideas, but check out how you get in and out of it.

Next up how about the Amphicar

Not  exactly a high speed asphalt blaster car.

but can your Ferrari do this ?  Out floating in the pond.

 Some really nice hardware out there.

 Speed Racer !!!

 I think there is more metal on the hub cap than my whole SUV !!

Oh ya !! Green Hornet

Through Flickr I found a group called Photogs for Charity.
A group of like minded people here in London, willing to donate their time taking pics for charity events here in London, and surrounding community if asked.

My first event with the group was the Fanshawe Dragon Boat Festival with main participants Rowbust Breast Cancer Survivor Dragon Boat Racing Team.

Nothing like the sunrise at 7:30am to give you some nice light

Was all about people getting out and taking a Dragon Boat for a paddle down the lake, there were a couple thousand people out and races from 8am till 5pm that day

Have seen this girl out at a few events here in London.

She dances like there is no tomorrow !

Got a little baked that day , sun was out nice and strong and after being out there for 5 hrs I was done.
There were 8 Photographers For Charity out that day that I met - great people - good times.

Then cause I didn't have enough sun, there was 4 days of Heart and Stroke Big Bike.

For those that dont know, a team from a company collects money from friends, family and anyone they know, to ride the Big Bike. With all the money going to Heart and Stroke Foundation.

After 4 days of +30's in the never ending sun, downtown London, we got hit with a major rain storm !! But the riders kept on it and stayed on the bike and made their scheduled run.

My artsy shot of the week.

Was a good week of taking pics - all in all about 26 hours of volunteer time. Met some great people, got way to much sun, practiced my craft.
Another Heart and Stroke for this week, until August.

Something I have noticed is the increased amount of hot cars and bikes in London. Maybe I watching for them or maybe its just they are more noticeable.

Like this custom bike, that was parked outside of local restaurant, not far form the JLC.

Have seen it there a few times so thinking the owner runs the restaurant there. Will have to approach him (big thing for me) and say hi.

So just an idea of more hardware floating around our streets.
Can you say Ferrari ?  Maybe never makes it out of 4th gear in town haha

Or how about this penis extension, Porche 911 Turbo 

That guy drove out of one parking lot, drove to the end of the block and pulled into Condo parking lot, he slowed for the pic and waved haha.

Fiat is making a comeback into the market, with a dealership here in London.
Nerds Onsite provided escort services for the Big Bike. Traditionally they have used Volkswagen Beetles, one of their people is using the new Fiat 500.  1.4l of economy driving.

 and they do have a really cool logo

Gotta love how the red pops on the Canon !!!


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