Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Ahmedabad !! The Wild Wild West

Its different here, very different from Mumbai or southern parts of India. A city of about 5 million people of which 1 million are Muslim. You notice it.

Hotel first to relax for a bit before meeting up with the Agent here.
Le Meridien, part of Starwod Resorts, really nice place and was under $100 per night stay , not bad considering the amount of service you get here.

Staff was fantastic, great food, really comfortable, considering when you look out the back window to the Sambarmati River

Not the sunny beach happiness of Mumbai !!

And hot here ! Real hot like +44c hot or 112f, which makes it sound even worse and it is.
Now get inside a textile plant running around 140-160c all over the place and you dont get a break from the heat.

That heat and humidity prompted a new addition to the Camera arsenal.
Last time in India and in China , the Canon G11 was suffering. Going from cold air conditioned car to 150c temps was killing it. Started having problems with buttons not working, not taking pics ended up at warranty service for a month - Canon replaced the button panel, most likely corroded from everything.
So instead of throwing a $500 camera into that torture again, decided to pick up a inexpensive alternative.

 The Canon Elph 100HS, nice little carry in your pocket, Point and Shoot, with all kinds of fun little setups in it, inexpensive at $99 so wont feel bad if it self destructs. Not bad on batteries.
Not the quality of the G11 or big guns, but works for what i need at work without worry. Nice and small little goofy to hold but goes unnoticed.

Already has a ding on it (bottom left corner) when my hand got a little close to something turning in a machine.

and for my next trick, a picture of the back lcd display , picture of the camera with its picture haha

some other pics from this camera to come, considering its limitations (all automatic) the built in fun stuff is cool.

Something new to try, local agent contact was up for snack and wanted McDonald's , so away we went.

Form this pick we could be anywhere in Canada, the faces behind the counter are from everywhere.

One thing you will learn coming to India, Veg and Non-Veg, basically means you are getting Chicken or not. You wont see beef anywhere of course, except maybe in upscale hotels or restaurants, you never see pork.

This is the Spicy Mexican Veg Sandwich for your dining pleasure.

was actually pretty good considering, probaly lot better for you than most fast food, and good to know its always an alternative when traveling around here.

So after a quick day in Ahmedabad, managed to find some sleep and then was up again at 5am to catch my next flight to Chandigarh, via Delhi. These early mornings take it out of you, specially when still trying to beat off jet lag of being on the other side of the world.

Is bad enough i don't sleep properly anyways without something adding to it.
Will be here for a few nights in Chandigarh at the Hometel Hotel  , nice place, very clean, room had similar feel to Chinese style that i stayed in quiet a few times.

Am going to be here for 3 nights so am settling in.

Fun of the stay here was the Chill Lounge and the Phiilipino singers - basically Karaoke. They did sing some Scorpions so they are ok haha

sorry bad iphone pic in the dark

ok they looked much better in person , much much better haha
Had a day off here, but ended up sleeping most of it.

Again you see the contrasts here, the people struggling to survive amongst the high tech successful shiny things.

and quick shots out the window of course, not a lot of time for wandering around as we head to customer sites.

But go figure in the middle of no where we find, wait for it....

The Canadian Limo Company, serving your limousine requirements around the world from...India ?

Time to move again.

Sunset in Chandigarh, showing the water tower of one of our customers in the distance.

Something new for me is Train trip in India, though am not on the commute with the rest of the people here, in jam packed , hanging out the doors and windows travel.

I traveled in the Chandigarh to Delhi express train, 1st class seating. Comes with assigned seating, snack tray all for $12 Canadian !!!  and about 3 hr trip.

and to finish off some ice cream !!

3 hrs later, nodding off and on am in Delhi, staying at the Hans Hotel, over priced and not that great of all the hotels i have stayed in so far. Not even worth showing a pic.

Some fun with the Canon Elph, using the Miniature Preset in the camera, cool effect
Like something out of a Japanese Monster movie from the 60's

A fast day in Dehli though high light being cancellation of customer meeting so my local guy Mr Koul (awesome name) took me to see the The Red Fort , a world heritage site, he has only been afew times and course only with visitors, he even owes his wife a trip here haha.

Big does not describe this place.

Would put in on par with the Forbidden City in Beijing

Some really nice stone work here, marble is all over , with red stones used for these flowers.
These areas are under constant car as the passage of time and many hands rubbing them are taking their tole on these works.

Little close up of these flowers

So hot even the dogs are down for the count. The cool marble offering some relief.

 One thing I saw and was told about , where these shacks on the side of the road, predominately immigrants from Bangledesh, coming to Delhi in hopes of a better life. Running rickshaws around the city, squeeking out a dollar, no hope in sight. Local politicians ave been fighting this problem for years now and is always a topic of debate, what to do with them all.

 and we are off once again !
Airport seating pic time, Indira Gandhi ,Delhi International Airport, Terminal 1 Domestic

Back to my favorite place, The Sun and Sand Hotel , Mumbai.

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