Friday, May 4, 2012

Second week here !!

ok its been a blur to say the least.

Actually most of that is probably sleep, i don't sleep well at the best of times let alone changing beds very day or so, then being on plane, sitting in a car for a few hours, air conditioned comfort to stifling heat of a customer textile plant.

Not that I am complaining, after all am in India and out of the office.

Am on my 8th day here, have been to Mumbai, Chandigarh and now sitting in Delhi, visit a customer later today then blast off back to Mumbai.
Which reminds me i need to sign up with Jet Airways Frequent Flyer plan !!! haha

Had a 4 hrs stopover in Dubai on the way over. Spent my time walking around, to get some much needed exercise.
Spotted the next cellphone by Vertu, trying to decide between slick and cool or blackberry size, thought they could use an Iphone version. This company is owned by Nokia.

Now do i get the $25,000 version ?

  or do we just go do it all the way and get the fancy one at $43,000 ?

Decisions Decisions !!

ok so after spending what seemed like two days in a plane to get here, left on April 23rd and arrived April 25th, finally hitting a non-moving bed around 4am.
Now throw in Time Zone change, lack of sleep on the plan ( there must be pills for that ) and first day i was a little wacky.

Did check into the Sun and Sand Hotel Mumbai has been around since 1962, older hotel, clean , great service, two good restaurants and best of all right on the beach. About $150per night , the most expensive hotel i will stay in, while in India. But honestly you need this a few times while your here to help you relax and unwind.

Sorry for the dirty picture, outside cleaning is not on the list here. Taken with Iphone 4s, great camera when you have some light.

They had great little outdoor grill. next to the pool area.
Cold Kingfisher beer on tap and ready to serve, felt good after the last 3 days.

Diner was Kebab, chicken done 4 ways, all great tastes.

Was in Mumbai for 24hrs and then grabbed the next flight headed to Ahmedabad.
One of our premier Customers is located in the area.
Very different part of India, is alcohol free, so know drinking after work, you see lots of camels and cows in the street. Will call it the Wild Wild West of India haha.

Update to come

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