Wednesday, June 9, 2010

ok back in the saddle

Unfortunately my blog got blocked after a few days here in China.
Have found a work around and hopefully can now keep updates coming here regularly.
also have managed to turn on the email updater so will test that out.

So some quick updates and things of note:
Starbucks is just as expensive here as it is in Canada - about $5 something for a Venti Tea Latte or 31rmb (chinese dollars) - thats big money for a regular person here in China.
You can buy lunch for two people at a small restaurant for 20rmb or $3 Canadian, yes diner for two for 3 bucks - and the food is excellent - the place is a dive and the woman running the place is about 4ft tall and I am afraid of her.

Went for my first drive outside of Shanghai yesterday (Tuesday) the city goes forever. once your on the highway its not much different than anywhere else, everyones flying along at 120km/hr.

on the highway spotted this scaffolding being setup - thats bamboo scaffolding - larger buildings use steel poles though you see bamboo being used on smaller buildings.

Hit one of the grocery stores on the way home tonight to pickup some essentials - spotted these boxes selling rice in bulk.

BIG Thnx out to Gianella for her contribution to the Shanghai World Tour 2010. First few days this came in handy and kept me sane while i adjusted. Cant afford to be hitting Starbucks every day here. Juan Valdez would be proud !!  Viva Columbia !!

Was told today that the Big Guy is looking for a woman to come clean the place for myself and Alex. Also the thought is to use her to cook Lunch for everyone in the office from our Kitchen. Chances she woudl cook here and then bike or scooter over with everything.

ok more to come now that i have a connection to the world !!

Good night from Shanghai Ranch

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  1. I'm glad your blog is on now. Pretty neat the scaffolding!LOL about the coffee :):)