Sunday, June 20, 2010

First Road Trip - Follow the Huhang Expressway - we are not in Kansas any more

So we travelled about 250km down the Huhang Expressway - Toll Road. towards Shaoxing (see last post for local pics).
Stayed at the Kaiyue Hotel in Shaoxing - quite the hotel ! Techs liked it cause they didn't have to stay in some dive, on the side of the road. The basic price of a single is about 498yuan ($72ca) the double was much more. The room came with robes, slippers, haridryer, alarm clock, etc. For sale in the room were , toothbrush, razor, various creams, potions, condoms (no I didn't try for size lol) fully stocked bar, and snacks - prices were quite high.
Shot of the room and bathroom - one thing I have found - the beds are pretty hard here in China - there is little or no padding on anything I have slept on yet.  The best part about this hotel is that they had coffee at breakfast , ok it was bad Coffee Time kinda coffee but it was coffee lol.

And the best aprt was that everything in the room and i mean everything was for sale !!

Second night out (we stayed here for two nights) was in a smaller town, alot cheaper , not as nice but stlil passable, call it Super 8 on the highway version.  the coolest part was the restaurant there, they had live tanks for fish, eel, crab, shrimp and for the discriminating taste; turtle (two types even). The menu was all laid out with pictures of the dishes and bellow it plates with the ingredients , wrapped with celophane tent - wackiness yes.  It was probaly the best place in town.

And what trip is complete without a great pic of a toilet in another country LMAO.
This was in one of the factories we visited, it was clean ??? though trust me , there was no way i was taking a squat,. I dont think i can get that far down and no way was i removing my pants. LOL We hold out for a hotel room or better yet The Shanghai Ranch (home).

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