Friday, June 4, 2010

Its Saturday in Sunny Shanghai !

Good morning !!

gotta keep it short no internet where i am, this is courtesy of Rogers using Blackberry Desktop Manager to connect to the internet through the cellphone (by the way Bell Mobility is useless here). Am sure the bill will be exciting.

Got here in one piece.
Had a great meal close to the apartment - the two guys that picked me up (Alex and Rick) took me out.
great food !!!
Then did some shopping at a Walmart equivalent place - recognised alot of things that we see in Canada - more about spotting logos versus whats written on the package.
So managed to find some Quaker Oatmeal - I spotted the logo lol.

Am winging it today as everyone is busy, so will campout, relax, go for a walk.

A few pics of the view from the place am on 2nd floor of a building same as what you see.

will give an update later - hopefully can find a hotspot close by for a real internet connection.

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  1. Great to hear you made it ok and that you are enjoying it do far!!
    OMG on the cellphone bill you will get. Been there done that. When in Morocco it was cheaper to use my friend's phone for sms's etc back home.