Thursday, June 3, 2010

Its morning, its sunny outside

And I am getting to get locked up in an aluminum can for 15 hrs headed to Honk Kong.

OK so do the math on this one - couple thousand clicks over open ocean and two engines ??
one of these on each side of the aircraft. Wondering how far we can glide ?

the relief was finding Crown Royal at the Duty Free - just too bad cant buy - was advised by staff that it could get confiscated either in Hong Kong or Shanghai, when boarding Dragon Air.

Looks like the sun is getting ready to blast Toronto, as I sit waiting for my flight to board.

Will be bunking up with a co-worker in Shanghai, much better than a hotel , and gives me a translator and tour guide close by. But if somebody is washing my back and i didnt invite them in, then am out of there lol.
And yes I checked to see if he has a girlfriend. Not that am phobic , but dont need any international incidences lol.

ok boarding time any minute now !!

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  1. Have a safe trip!!! Hear from you when you get a chance to let us know u got there safe & sound. HUGZ Leslie