Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Sunny South

well actually not so sunny.

Rained all the way down from London to Florence, South Carolina.
Which is to bad considering some of the great scenery driving through the mountains.

I met up with one of the guys from our manufacturing plant in South Carolina, we were driving in the company Ford Explorer.
Thankfully we had a full laod of air-freshener for the trip HAHA

Drove through the mountains of West Virginia (am guessing) too bad for the rainy weather ,because the scenery is awesome.
Am getting to see the process of a rubber belt being built form raw rubber to finsihed product.
Its all very manual, labour intensive work, methods that have not changed since the start of this business. Some of the equipment used is 50-60 years old. They dont make this anymore and maintenance is part of life in this business.

The plant is located in Lake City , South Carolina - what was once a very prosperous industrial town, with deep roots in the cotton and textile industry

Today is video day, trying out hte video capabilities of the Canon T1i. Have figured out so far that manual focus is the way to go. Focus first then start the recording , then zoom as you wish. Am documenting the steps of mixing rubber to final product packed and shipped out the door.

ok lunch time already - go figure !
great place in Florence called Hibachi Grill - supposed to be Japanese , but of course run by Chinese.
There is a large empoyer in Florence that is owned by a Taiwanese company.  Hiabchi is big buffet place kind of like Mandarin Buffet back in Ontario, but a whole lot cheaper - try $9 a head for all you can eat diner buffet.

ok back to work - oh wait lunch time

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