Thursday, December 16, 2010

That Time of Year

Well its here !

And your asking what ? Well if you've been watching the news then you know.
For those of you who dont....

Snow and then some.

Got back from India it was cold out but tolerable.
Then days later all heck breaks loose, and we get a months worth of snow in about 3 days.
So been a few snow days here. Some places got nailed big time.

View from my office window - Hyde Park Rd and Gainsborough Rd, London,ON

Well to get in the spirit of things , seems i have become Mr Xmas Tree Decorator - go figure.

Assisted with one in Brantford

And then me being christmassy spirited setup and decorated the one in the office.

And for proof of life, here is me all dressed up for our Company Xmas diner tonight.
Time for a new suit, or some severe alterations. This one was bought 20lbs ago. LOL
Sorry for the harsh lighting and lack of photo quality, hard enough taking my own pic without hauling around a bunch of gear to take one. Will have to do the company headshot at some point just for the fun of it.

Other than that no excitement. Scheduled photo sessions have been rescheduled due to the wonderful driving conditions in the last few weeks, and now with Xmas almost here people get busy.

Will have to venture out for some Xmas light pics around town.

Later !

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