Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Last week here - only a few days left

Well we are down to the final days at the Shanghai Ranch.
Suddenly time has sped up dramatically, dont feel I have even managed any tourist time and checked things out.

Warning pics not be loaded am unable to edit properly this week or last because of blocking

from the pics you know Shanghai is quite the place.
So a few Sundays ago managed to grab some tour guides for the day.

Joyce (Chinese Joyce) works at Foster Needles another company within our office. Her boyfriend Peter and his brother Diego (well really more like Di Go so I named).
Took me into old Shanghai street.
Lots of shops crowded into small streets, like other towns, but still considering we are in Shanghai still quite busy.

Me and Chinese Diego

then to Pudong (across the river from The Bund from an older posting)
This is where The Pearl Tower is located , quite the building, you can go up inside but as usual the que was backed up for hours.

and at night

Needless to say there were a few people out as usual checking out the sites.
This is Joyce and Peter  with gaggle of tourists behind

this area is also home to one of the tallest office buildings in the world, again you can go up if your willing to wait.

Gotta love the Sigma 10-20mm

then to Century Park.
But we got there just before last subway train so had to leave, without really seeing the park.
Still for what i saw was quite the place.

New model this week !
Chinese Joyce , all summery with her glasses and umbrellas.
girls use umbrellas here, to protect there skin and to stay white, tans are not the vogue here.

Then last week was a trip to Fujian and Guongdong provinces.
About 1.5hrs airplane ride south of Shanghai. Lots more trees, plam tress, more jungle looking.
people look different to.

Very different to say the least.
At diner i was star attraction for the hostess girls, they wanted to talk with me but of course they don’t speak english and I don’t speak Chinese.
So was still fun.

Another update will come before I leave.
Am feeling sad now , at the same time cant wait to drive the vehicle, wil be first time in 8 weeks that I drive a car lol

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