Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy Canada Day !!!

It's already July 1st here in Shanghai.
Been on the road this week, and in the office today.

our boardroom was declared Canadian Territory for the day - flag was hung and declaration made !!

Got my coworkers from Canada to steal in a tin of the good stuff, so started my day with a Timmies brewed at The Shanghai Ranch. i got enough to last a few months here, so will have to donate it to someone before i leave, Problem is finding a coffee drinker !!!!

This is me at the ITMA show last week - was a record breaker for show sales of new rubber belts. Our booth was the loudest as we celebrated customers bot VIP and new orders by signing our wall and then giving them applause and pictures. Was all good fun though very tiring, takes an hour to get there via Metro (subway) and the subway system here is fantastic compared to home. For about 5rmb 75 cents i covered about half the city to get there.
after the show was all said and done we had a company get together for great food (as usual) and entertainment. some impromptu fun driven by my boss Josh - he knows how to get everyone motivated and have a good time. Picture wise it was brutal with lots of yellowish lighting ,not bright enough etc - from a shoot perspective was a challenge !!
Also had "Hot Pot" or Chinese fondue for the first time !! big bowl in the middle of the table, divided into two , one side a beef broth the other a vegie spicy mix. was another great meal, food is a big deal here.
Of course no meal is complete without red wine, which Miss Ella the restaurant hostest made sure our glasses were full. Who were we to argue !!!!  Managed a name card (business card) and a discount card for the next visit. Thinking the boys in the office need to get out for some hot pot  !!!

Visited one of our top customers this week also, that building is the main building of the complex, they employee 5000 at this factory alone. Had diner in there, within the excutive entertainment area, there were 3 private dining rooms. Another greta freakin meal, it just never stops !!  This place claimed that most of their product was used for products at Walmart ?? who knows

This is the statue you see in the picture above, just to give an idea of its size, Shelton (walking behind is about 5ft6) thay had two of these to the main gate into the factory space.
Momday night got taken out to The Bund !! wow is hardly even a way to describe it. The place was packed, buildings all lit up, honeslty didnot know what to expect and was blown away. PLace was jammed with Chinese tourists.
Across the river was the Pearl Tower. Sorry hand held shots cause just didnt know - so return trip planned to capture something worth taking home !!

well not the greatest update but sitll an update !! is the end of Canada Day here and hitting the hay. Friday morning I blast off to Hong Kong for the day to meet my visa requirements. flying out at 9am and flying back at 21:00 unless I can manage a trip back in the afternoon via standby. Have figured out where the camera shops are and will make a trip into Hong Kong city centre for that. I got time so why not. Hope everyone is enjoying a day off and relaxing. Have fun skeep smiling !

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  1. Hey Doug! Happy Canada Day to you to!!
    Even your hand held shots are fantastic! One day I will venture over all looks so amazing.
    Enjoying the day off...unfortunately I work Fri & Sat this week...was so hoping to have the time off to catch up on everything lol
    Enjoy your Timmie's in the morning! Ooo I bought one of those Keurig machine..a mini one..soooo bye bye Timmie's. Well was kinda bye bye Timmie's anyways since Callander doesn't have one lol
    Have a great week & lookin forward to your next update.

    P.S. We had an earthquake June 23rd...scary when the displays where doing the shimmy haha