Monday, July 5, 2010

4 weeks Left !!!

Well the count down is on - 4 weeks left here in Shanghai - feels like I got here yesterday.

So last Friday I had to leave China as part of my Visa requirements, so the easiest trip was Hong Kong - lots of english there and only about 1.5hrs away.

Hong Kong is nuts !!!
You couls easily spend a week here seeing the country - its small and any space not for green has a building it. I was in Kowloon and when your in the heart of it , it goes on forever.

The view from the expressway coming in from the Airport - those are container ships in the harbour - click for better size image.
as you drive in you pass Hong Kongs shipping Harbour  - remember thats how this place got started , it was all abotu shipping and trading. I barely captured any of it with the Sigma 10-20

Then you get in the city the buildings are amazing and the side streets crowded with many old shops still in pace up against KFC, 7-11 and Starbucks.

This pic was taken from across the harbour - the Airport transport info people gave me wrong bus number so I got to the other side of the bay. Thats total 6 pics to cover what you see. save this one to your computer then open it up with an image viewer , then increase the viewing size - remember this is only one side of the harbour.

OK so made it back in one piece, crashed and then headed out in the morning to do some shopping at the knockoff shops - well more like me tagging along to check it out and hold bags.
Sorry no pics worth showing , didnt even pull out the camera while there. But it was nuts, people hounding you to visit their shops. I picked up two Timberland Shirts for 150rmb or $22ca - bet these got for 50 -65 back home. 
Saturday was Family Night at Karoake place - they had private booths with all the gear, big screen tv, disco lights etc quite the place. This location did not have much for western music , and was told that downtown would be the place to go for new music. Suffered trhough some Elvis etc with my coworkers, while the Shanghai gang sang chinese of course. Then out to a night club - aside from the freakishly tall Germans in the crowd could have been downtown London somewhere.

Sunday morning after getting home around 2am , headed out at 7:30 to goto a small town - sorry left the name at the office - one of the many "water towns" small towns that started built along water ways as it was quick access to larger rivers and of course fishing.  This particular town is a tourist haven - Chinese tourists that is - as one of the richest men in China at the time built his living space and offices here. Most of the town was built by this one trader.

My tour guide for the day (Michelle) at the exit to the facility. Her parents are renovating a place close by (apartment) so I got to tag along and play tourist. Stopped a girl with a big Nikon and got her to take this quick pic. It was about 95 outside and so we headed back to the bus stop for the ride back to Shanghai.
The people here have been great, inviting me out, taking me places. Michelle has taken me out a few times since she is single and has little more free time than others. Most of the staff in the office are married so at 5 the head home.  Gotta do a little more planning now for visiting places, so that i dont miss out on anything before leaving.

bye for now

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  1. Hey Friend! I like the red lantern picture. you lost few pound... even... you said food is a big deal there. You look good. I really enjoyed your updates. Gracias