Monday, April 23, 2012

Into The Wild Blue Wonder....

Headed out !

Sitting at Pearson International Airport, Toronto, with everyone else waiting for a flight to somewhere.

Obligatory airport seating pic here at Terminal 1 , Gate 73

Our transportation headed towards Mumbai, India, with first stop in Dubai, is the wonderfully appointed Airbus A380. Unfortunately I don't have the privilege of riding on the upper desk with The Haves. Emirates from my search listed as #8 in the Top 10 airlines in the world to fly. Will try to grab a pic of the staircase headed upstairs to where comfort is the name of the game.
I unfortunately am in the cattle part of the plane, and thankfully have an aisle seat all reserved ahead of time, to keep life a little easier. This being a flight to India of course who knows who will be sitting next to me

Have been playing with Iphone 4s camera using either ICamera or Camera+ to take pics.
Light of course is always the key, anything in the dark and it falls to pieces.

This one of Starbucks Coffee and the Canon 5D w/24-105mm L4 - window light in the morning, overcast day

And last few days have been spotting some cool hardware out on the streets of London.
Like this GMC Pickup truck for Steam Whistle Pilsner.

And then just because we are on a kick of green.

A very rare site in these streets of London  a Lamborghini SuperLeggera, sitting on Wonderland South at Williams Coffee.  SuperLeggera refers to the building system developed during World War 1 using Duraluminium. Refers to being Super Light. A car using this system is basically a race car and wont pass typical crash test or road safety requirements. This one had Dealer Plates and can only imagine the insurance rate on this, let alone doing a break job !!

ok sitting and spinning waiting for boarding
Next stop Dubai

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