Thursday, April 12, 2012

Getting back on it

Well folks 2012 has been a little up and down for the last few months.
My photographic creative side has been a little off.

Though I had done an update for a recent trip, for various reasons I pulled it down.
Maybe sometime in the future when the time is right we will revisit that.

Needless to say I did have one of the best vacations this year, and looking forward to more like that.

For now we pack our bags, some protein bars, I mean solid food, and get ready to blast off to India.
Last update was that it was around 42c or 105f in Ahmadabad, India , cant wait
nothing like a hot humid day in India !!!

At least the signs of summer are here, in London !!

And people have their bikes out, this one was just outside the office one afternoon.

another photo shoot coming up at Shiseido just before I leave and a few requests to see bands performing.  Time for some loud music and a diet coke.

Also picked up a few jobs for - this one I like the most. Downtown London, does not look to inviting outside.

So I was thinking"what kind of place am I gonna see here today ???"

This is the bedroom area, up on second level loft style !!
Awesome !

ok back to work , updates to come

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