Wednesday, March 9, 2011

March !! Wow time is flying

ok folks as usual things change !

You can either let it bother you or embrace it.
So i pick the latter, seems to be a way of life !

China is off the agenda for now, other things going on that need focus and attention.
All for the good of course, so instead of enjoying the spring weather of Shanghai , I might get the searing heat of summer haha.

Met a great girl named Katie from a response to a Kijiji add looking for photographer. Had her over to The Ranch for pics and talk. She has great creative mind and no slouch of a photographer. So looks like we will collaborate on some picture taking. She has great creative mind and i have technical skills, so we can learn from each other.

You can see a few of her pics up at Flickr .

So should be fun summer !!

Of course still on tap is Japan !!
will be flying out March 31st and returning April 11th from a whirlwind tour.
Final agenda has not been finalized yet, though there is total of 7 of us going .
6 from Shanghai and me 1 Canadian - should be interesting.

I have been given the task of finding places to see in Tokyo since my tour guide Stella has been there a few times already.

I thought the Penis Festival or Kanamara Matsuri would be the happening festival to see ?

What could be better than seeing young Japanese girls enjoying all a festival has to offer ???

Another update will be coming as itinerary is finalized.
also have photo shoots coming up

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