Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Febuary - making plans

Ok folks , making plans now.

As far as Japan goes , the plan right now is to be in Tokyo for March 31st and meet with group from Shanghai.
That means blasting off from Toronto on March 30th and be there next day.

So meet up with the group at the airport, hop on our pre-arranged bus transportation to the Shinjuku Washington Hotel  http://www.shinjyuku-wh.com/english/ . And spend April 1st , 2nd in Tokyo , visit various places, see the cherry blossoms, try some food.   Highlights for me will be visiting the Ginza area of Tokyo.

Then Apr 3rd its off to Nagano, to stay in Hotels that have hot spring feed baths.
Bathing will be coed Japanese style - so no bathing suits haha.

April 4th hop on the road again and go to Hakone Districtt, to see Mount Fuji - after that am done don't need to see anyting else.

Organizer of all of this is Miss Stella, who works for a travel agency based in Shanghai and arranges trips for friends. So this trip is 10 friends , get a good price for group travel and have some fun, and I was asked if I wanted to join. Should be interesting being the only Westerner on the trip !

Apr 5th head back to Tokyo and wait for the flight to Shanghai.

OK since last update managed to get some pics with Vicky - Brazilian Super Model (well at least in her mind haha) 

Cool shot of her with some very vintage Christine Dior sunglasses from her grandmother. For those that's wonder , this is Alien Bee B800 right behind her head at almost full power, bare bulb.
Hoping to do one more session with her to focus on specific lighting techniques and more head shot type of pics. 

All the pics above were done with Alien Bee B800 flash that I picked up on Kijiji for next to nothing along with a 48" Octabox. Great combination as you can see with my basic skills.

also did some pics for local Private workout place , called Body Logic, based in London,ON right next to the Covenant market.  

Great guy Patrick is running the place, another guy who has done some traveling in the world and some great stories to tell. Here is one of the shots he will use online to show his space, not the greatest am sure after some time will do this again to try and do something much creative lighting wise.
This turned into signing up fro 28 sessions of personal training (at a good price of course) so kicking my butt into some sense of shape before I am taking the towel off in the Japanese Hot Springs.

Ok so back to work, have some documents to create for work to be done in China. Also hoping to do a trip down south to  Lake City , South Carolina where our manufacturing plant is located. That could mean a side track to Myrtle Beach for some cocktails

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  1. Hey Doug, are you still heading out at the end of the month?