Thursday, October 14, 2010

On hold !!!

Well India got pushed out to November.
Largely due to the now much publicized lack of orgnization there.
Read the news about the Commonwealth Games there and you know our challenges !! LOL

In the meantime have been out to a few local enviromental events.
Car Free Sunday in London, had DUndas street blocked in the core area between Rideout and Wellington.
Was cold overcast day , so participation was pretty low.
Saying that, the light was great for pics.

Then it was L.O.O.K (Locally Organized Organic Knowledge) held on Western Fair Grounds.
(pics to be updated). A bicycle powered generator was built and originally supposed to power the stage , then battery supplier pulled out, So they used the power generated to heat up Apple Cider for everyone. There was some local talent out to play. And a few spectators. Problem was it was cold and rained all day !!!

Then this past weekend was for 10/10/10.
In this case I was invited out to Saunders Farm , on Wonderland Rd, (north of Elginfield rd).
Listen the owner of the farm talk about the challenges of growing organicly and how he operates.
You can stop by most days to by his produce (garlic, peppers, onions, chicken, lamb).

These last pics at the farm were taken with my new Sigma 17-70mm 2.8-4.5 DC lens

It was a trade for an 18-200mm that i was not overly fond of. Preference would have been for the Canon 18-70mm 2.8 , but at $1600 retail , did not think my photographic abilities were there yet. And hey could use that money pay off something instead of buying something (damm that maturity).

OK paper to shuffle, email to answer, computerizing to do

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