Monday, October 25, 2010

Ok back on Schedule !

Ok its official !

We are back on schedule for India.
Looks like we are flying out Nov 13th from Toronto, into Abu Dhabi , sit for a few hours and then to Cochin,India.
Second most influential city in India after Mumbai.
Best part is we are flying Emirates  Airlines from Toronto, should good, unfortunately not first class.

as I wrote this plans changed now flying Toronto to Dubai - again to bad cant leave the airport, but at least I can say I have been to Dubai lol

Though the boss lady and I would have liked to get out of the airport in  to see that part of the world.
No customers there either DANG !!

Anyways until, then have managed to land a photo job with the Wortley Wellness Centre here in London.
Will be taking pics of the staff and the various things they do for their new website.
Should be interesting.
Out of this deal i will get a handful of personal training sessions
Pics to follow.

Am also in the middle of a renovation job for some office space.
is 80% done and moving in people this week. most of it is minor details that wont stop the moving.

here I am from a few weeks ago, Port Stanley Beach. Having a Happy Day !

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