Thursday, April 23, 2015

This is later ....

well back in Canada...via San Diego , California

Not sure how long I am here , there are things to be done.
Am living in a fluid state of not sure where to be or what to do.
Though I ain't complaining.

Really have to say I feel like I am living in the now.
I do have plans to be completed , goals to achieve , but really it's about right now.

While heading to the airport in San Diego,  because of hotel location , they had to call a driver for me.
After we got on the highway I noticed his coffee mug.

Nothing special except being one of those " I am a travel mug, but look like a camera lens"
It of course opened the door for conversation , " are you a photographer?"
We would expect the answer.

Actually he is a painter of abstracts.
We got into discussion about , where, what and who we are.
Painting being a relatively new pursuit for him.
A desire to let out what he feels and sees.

He suffers as we all do being creative, finding that spark to do what we do.

Our discussion lead us to why we were talking and what we were talking about.

I cannot even begin to recant everything we said , but it really came down to the moment , making a connection with someone and leaving that time and space , feeling like you learned something.

After I was dropped off , while waiting in line to check in to my flight, my new friend Momo appeared. Now realize he is a mountain of a man , parked in the drop off zone, hurrying through the Departures area, a man on a mission.
To tell me that the coffee mug was mine, that sharing that , passing it on, a symbol of those moments.

Because of a simple question I have made a good friend., a fellow artist , learned something and took some of what was said to heart .

That moment was in the now, you reading and taking something away from this , is in the now 


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